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Low Normal Test Levels


Let me preface this by saying that I know this topic has been discussed before. I've done some searches and know what levels are considered normal, low-normal and high. Now, on to my question.

I got my test levels checked about a week ago and just got the results. I've never used gear (aside from an andro cycle way back when) and haven't had any symptoms normally associated with low test levels. I've also never had any trouble gaining muscle mass (I'm about 235 at 15-18% bf). I got my levels checked mainly because I wanted to establish a baseline for future reference as I'm 27 now. Surprisingly, my test came back a lot lower than I thought it would. Here are the results:

Total test: 361 ng/dl, range: 241-827
Free test: 15.1 pg/ml, range: 9.3-26.5
TSH: 2.903 uiu/ml, range: .350-5.5

My question is, would going from low-normal to high-normal levels have an appreciable impact on my training? Or does HRT only help with libido, etc.?