Low-Normal Test Level, Start HCG/Arimidex?


I have a free tesosterone level of 21 (range is 9-30), and a total testosterone of 603 (range 350-950).

I want your opinion…do you guys think an HCG / Arimidex protocol would boost my testosterone into the upper range and increase my overall well being ?

I really appreciate you input!

I think your fine.

What is your age?

Post more labs and read the stickys

Why is drugs the answer? What is your diet like

I wish I had your labs naturally

Keep the good u have.

Hey, thanks for the reply I really appreciate it! I’m 24 years old…I’m muscular / tuff, but my sex drive is low, and it used to be high…that is the main reason I would consider the HCG / Arimidex. My diet is good, I eat mostly whole organic foods, plenty of quality fats too. I’ve tried tribulus / maca with little success.

Are you with the same girl for a number of years?

Do you sleep ok?

Are you stressed?

You need to read the stickys and post all your labs bud.