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Low Motivation?

Anyone here not feel like doing anything for weeks at a time? I’m talking about maybe during the break-in period for a dose, or just when you find yourself on the wrong dose.

It was a problem for me when I was Low T, but now I’m in the middle of a protocol switch and fuck, even with energy, I don’t feel like doing a fucking thing many days. It’s not even depression. It’s just a total slothfulness.

I’m not necessarily looking for help here. In fact, I’m pretty sure this feeling will go away by itself. I made a new topic because I think it could be interesting to hear others’ experiences with this.

Anytime I change anything I feel that way for 6-8 weeks with some points during that time being better than others but overall less than ideal. Around the end of week 8 is when I start feeling better. That goes for any 20mg incremental dose change, change in injection frequency and switching between sub-q & IM.

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Yep, I felt like that from the get go. Not long ago I started to feel the energy to do things that I need to do

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