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Low Morning Body Temperature



After reading TC's article on Iodine deficiency, I decided to start recording my morning body temp. I was shocked this morning to see that my first reading was 96.8 F.

I know this is just one reading but it's motivation enough to continue checking and investigate a solution.

Do you have clients check their temperatures and can you give some insight on the next steps to be taken if their temp is chronically low? I'm sure there is no "one-size fits all" approach but any insight would be appreciated. If it matters, I have been eating a meat and vegetable based diet with fish oil supplements for the past two months. I feel great and I am getting the physique and health transformation I want, or so I thought.



@Whistling: Although it could be other things, a meat and veggie based diet without other carbs (peri-workout, plasma, sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice, etc…) immediately makes me think that’s your cause. Are you more irritable or sluggish at times? How lean are you?


Last time I had a client do morning check-ups of his morning temp was during a figure competition prep. When temperature goes down more than 1 degrees it indicates a drop in metabolic rate which is frequent when you use a low carb diet. Mostly because the conversion from T4 (much less active thyroid hormone) to T3 (more active hormone) requires glucose.

When her body temp went down by more than 1 degrees versus baseline and stayed there for 2-3 days we increased carbs until temperature went back to normal.