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Low Libido with Test Injection

Hello all. Let me start of by saying I am 27 years old. So I went to my doctor about a year and a half to speak about my mood and try to see why I was always down. Turns out my blood work came back with low testosterone levels. I believe I was at 98ng/dl and base should be 300ng/dl if im not mistaken. he presciped me androgel 1%…didint work, he prescribed the 1.25%…didnt work. sent me to an endo. endo waited 3 months until he gave me testosterone injections.

started off at 200ml every 2 weeks, I was on this for 10 months. I felt considerably better, mood was better, girlfriend still pissed me off but not as much, I am able to walk with my head high type of feeling. BUT… I still do not have a good libido, I do not feel animalistic, during sex I think of other things, nothing stressfull, just stuff like Microsoft WDS servers…during sex!!! I had a high stress level due to boss and job. Recently made a great career move and couldnt be happier, stress is way down, but still no real sex drive.

Asked my regular doc if I could change dosage and frequency to 100ml every week. I have been doing this regime for 3 months. but still the same outcome. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? Isnt testosterone supposed to make me horny? Its doing everything else it says it does except in the bedroom.

Im currently looking for my blood labs, will post the second I find them.

Found them, cannot find my very first test

1/20/2012 - Second lab - Full panel
wbc- 8.33
rbc- 5.42
hgb- 16.4
hct- 46.7
mcv- 86.2
mch- 30.3
mchc- 35.1
rdw-cv- 12.9
platelets- 240
mpv- 10.2
granulocytes%- 67.00
granulocytes#- 5.58 OUT OF RANGE high
lymphocytes%- 25.5
lymphocytes#- 2.12
monocytes%- 6.4
monocytes#- 0.53
eosinophil%- 0.7 L OUT OF RANGE low
eosinophil#- 0.06
basophil%- 0.2
basophil#- 0.02

sodium,serum- 145
potassium serum- 4.5
chloride, serum- 105
co2, serum- 32.0
anion gap- 12.5
calcium, serum- 9.7
phophorus, inorg- 4.3
glucose- 105 OUT OF RANGE high

alk phosphatase- 77
albumin, serum- 4.7
globulin- 2.9
a/g ratio- 1.6
total protein, sr- 7.6
bilirubin, total- 0.5
ggt, serum- 52
sgot(ast)- 20
sgpt (ALT) 35
bun, serum 16
creatinine, ser 1.08
bun/creat ratio 14.8
osmolality (calc) 290.25
estimated gfr 82.4
uric acid, serum 7.6
ld, serum 137 OUT OF RANGE low
iron, serum 109

cholesterol, ser 172
triglycerides 171 OUT OF RANGE high
hdl, cholesterol 46.0

FSH, serum 2.30
LH, serum 5.50
testosteron tot 201.92 OUT OF RANGE low
estradiol <11.80

TSH-3 0.94
T3 uptake 33.33
T4 thyroxine 9.10
FTI 3.03

03/02/12 - using testosterone gel - levels went lower
testosterone tot 128.82 OUT OF RANGE low

4/13/12 - testosteron gel - 1.25%
FSH, serum <0.30
LH, serum 0.15 OUT OF RANGE low
prolactin serum 9.04
testosteron tot 173.03 OUT OF RANGE low
estradiol 13.70

4/27/12 First test by Endo - Performed a cortisol supression test. - no testosterone medication
Ablumin 4.8
ANA reflex negative
cortisol AM <1.0 l
fsh 2.3
LH 3.9
Prolactin 2.8
sex hormone binding glob 14.3
testosterone total 281
tsh 3rd gen 0.730
t-4 free 1.29
IGF-1 243

albumin 5.0
CK creatine kinase 137
fsh 2.0
ra factor <10
LH 2.6
Sex hormone binding glob 14.0
sed rate sesiergren 5
testosteron free 280
testosterone total 91.40

I have more tests, but am unable to find them at the moment. Will update.

6/28/12 - This is when I started 200ml every 2 weeks.
Testosterone 238
PRL 9.3
LH 3.7
SHBG 13.8

testosterone 721
LH <0.3

Testosterone 661

Testosterone 538

2/1/13 - Changed regime to 100m every week
Testosterone 400

please list ranges and units so we can help you better

read advice for new guys sticky.

This is odd to me. what days in reguard to injection days were these labs taken>? you could be a hyper excretor. suggest spliting dose 2 times per week or eod.

what is the plan with the diabetes? the vitality of system depends on the vitality of others. the body is very complex and when hormones in one area are out of wack other areas may follow suit.

From your blood work, you have a lot going on here.
There are a couple of clues with your very low E2 on your libido,
but your thyroid and glucose #'s look out of whack too.

Hopefully KSMAN will chime in here.

You never stated your height and weight ?
Aprox body fat % ?
Do you exercise ?

I will try to list the units later tonight. As far as the other information, I am 5 foot 8 inches, approx body fat % is 30%. I do excercise by biking approx 30 miles a week and run/walk 2 miles a week (I hate running). My diet is 2500 calories a day. no soda’s, try to stay low sugar but not religiously. I feel great and am very active, never lazy, but just low libido.

Does seem like insulin resistance is tied to low T and libido / Ed issues somehow. I would focus on getting that under control and see if things return. You didn’t mention it, but I assume you felt we’ll at some point in your life?