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Low Libido. What Laboratory Test?

Hi, can anyone give me a link or write down what tests should be done to check if everything is in range. I have low libido and i was not on cycle. I really appreciate it thanks

If I recall correctly:

  • total test
  • free test
  • shgb
  • e2

maybe LH & FSH?

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Thanks :slight_smile: if anyone else got anything to add let me know, i really want to do all tests in same blood work sience i have to drive big distance to do it.

I am really happy for all people who want to help me out its killing me lately i have to fix it else i am done :confused:

Services i can do

Hvae you ever cycled? How recently?

For general hormones only TT, FT, FSH, LH, E2, SHBG, DHT, TSH. General health concerns add CBC and CMP.

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I did not took anything. I had winny and Dbol 4 years ago but i think it was fake i did not have progress at all not even water renetation. Gained 2 lbs in month …steady like always also i scrap out DBOL quite fast cuz it was caps and i didnt want to burn my liver. And libido is low for many many years lets say from from 20 to 28 years …

Also taking Vitamin D, zinc, Garlic cloves daily, spicy foods, Vitamin B, omega, Daily 4x eggs… only downside might be higher bodyfat cca. 20% end of bulk. Also alcohol twice per year and no smoking at all.

Also no libido increase on winny as it was said i will get mad bonners, also didnt do PCT sience it didnt work.

Any addiction? Weed, porn, meth, alcohol? If so how often and since when?

I was fapping once per 3 days that should not be considered as addiction. Might happen some days i fapped in row and than again nothing for week. But last 94 days i am practicating nofap, tons of benefits yet i still dont have morningwood, and last sex was too weak erection to fuck around day 75.

dont have a single bad habbit beside food in high calories and even there i pick healthy most time. Cheat day every 2 weeks might happen.

Sleeping 8-10h

These 94 days were 100% free of porn or sometimes a little bit here and there, was it 100% no PMO? If it was and at day 75 it seemed no improvement then probably it is something else maybe hormones

Well some pictures might happen here and there but tried to avoid as much i could. No videos like porn at all, i didnt touch my self at all also no wetdream… when i tried to had sex i did not cum so i am still 100% on semen renetation.

3 months no PMO and no improvement I think it’s fair enough to check hormones at least you tried for 3 months you did the right thing
Good luck man!

i am a bit embarrassed to ask this but how often you guys have morning wood?

Thanks for help i am also visiting therapies, doctor recommended as a reason for low libido i am much happier about my self and that thing in between legs still wont work. i shared abit more i want to but fuck it i need to fix it.

A health man should have it everyday as it is part of the natural process to keep things health, other than that make sure you eat clean and keep your metabolism smooth, high insulin sensitivity, good lipids, low inflammation, etc

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CBC and CMP can show something concerned with my sex drive?

No. That was just my recommendation if you wanted more comprehensive health bloodwork. The hormones only are what you need for sex drive.

I’d say morning wood more often than not. I don’t get it everyday but it’s certainly more regular than before. Also morning wood is just the last of the erections that you most likely had overnight but don’t know about because you were asleep.

One of the tests they used to do to see if your ed was biological or psychological was to put a breakable band around your penis over night and if it broke then you could get an erection and perhaps the issue lay elsewhere, if not then it likely was a biological issue.