Low Libido & Weak Erections When I Got Back On TRT

I am 21 years old and started TRT a year ago. Before starting TRT my T level was 170 and I felt horrible all the time, low energy, no motivation and very depressed (I never had Erection/ libido issues thought). I was on TRT for about 10 months and I felt great, my level was around 750 and I had a super high libido and I was very high energy. I made the dumb mistake of stopping TRT for about three weeks when I had to go on vacation. I actually didn’t feel bad until week three. I had a hardcore Test/E2 crash after stopping TRT so naturally the second I got back home I jumped on it again.

I’ve now been back on TRT for four weeks (just got my 4th injection) and I have been feeling better except one issue. Now that I’m back on it I noticed that my sex drive is lower, much lower. I wouldn’t say I have zero libido I just don’t feel as much attraction when looking at women. My erections for the past week have been “half hard” and my sperm count seems lower. Are these delayed issues from having a T crash or what? Once again I didn’t have these issues when I was on TRT and my levels were high and I did not have these issues when I got off and my levels were low.

For whatever reason getting back on made my sex drive go down along with weak erections. My blood test came in after three weeks back on TRT and all my hormones look fine on paper, 550 T, 170 free T, 45 E2 and everything else is in the normal range. For whatever reason though I have this new symptom of low libido even though my bloods look fine. My doc told me basically to wait it out but it’s very concerning being a young man who now feels almost disinterested in sex. Have any of you guys experienced this before?

Hormones can take some time to level off. You went from trt to nothing cold turkey, then back on again. It’s not surprising that you’re having some issues adjusting. Give it some time. If you’re 8-10 weeks in and still don’t feel any better then get another round of blood work and see what the numbers say.

That’s basically what my doc said and that’s what I think is probably the case as well. I guess the only issue is my T levels/E2 levels are “in range” on my bloods so by blood work alone I should be feeling fine. Could the hormones leveling off not necessarily show up on my blood work?

Reaching a stable state is one thing, your body adapting is another. Your body was in a state of homeostasis which you broke when you stopped the TRT cold turkey.

Makes sense. I’m just hoping these issues don’t last long term or cause any serious damage, it’s been causing me a lot of stress lately since a few months ago if you asked me I would have said my libido was TOO HIGH. I would much rather have that issue again lol.

SO many people on TRT not having a libido.

WIsh there were better answers.

I was thinking worse case if this doesn’t solve itself in a few months I will try to get off of TRT with assistance of HCG and after try to boost my T naturally. When I started TRT I didn’t workout or eat healthy and now that I do I feel like my T levels could be okay without TRT (I’m fairly young). Do you know if these libido issues go away once slowly getting off of TRT?

I’d think if you had libido prior to TRT, it will come back after time being off. But that is always going to be questionable.