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Low Libido & Trying to Find the Problem


So I was using var tabs for about a month and my sex drive was up as is normal I find on var. I added in primo about 2 weeks ago and a week in my drive went to zero. I have legit product from a professional athlete so I’m sure it’s good. I did some research and seems primo can lower your test levels so I figured I needed a slightly higher then trt dose of test which I just shot the other day to keep things running smooth and get my drive back.

Does anyone know the timeframe for this too kick in and if it doesn’t is there something else I can take to boost it. Tho the test should work right?? I’m on 100 var daily 400 primo wkly and 350 test weekly


Neither of the compounds you are using aromatise, so you have no oestrogen. The test’ll take care of that.