Low Libido on Tren Cycle

Currently running my 3rd cycle as follows:
Test E 150mg e/3.5d
Tren E 150mg e/3.5d
Anavar 75mg ed
Caber .25mg e/3d
Cardinine 20mg ed
N2Guard ed

For weeks 2-3 my libido was super high. Could get it up no problem. Much higher than my previous cycles (test, mast, var). All of a sudden I completely lost interest in sex and can barely get a full erection. I’m 5.5 weeks into my 8 week cycle and worried this will be long term. I am getting my blood done this week. Anybody know what may be going on? Any tips?

I was planning on doing my first cruise after this cycle, but now I’m questioning whether I should do a solid PCT and see if everything comes back to normal.

Have you ever had ED problems on 19-nors before?

Not likely. I’ve lost my libido on several cycles. Always comes back after a couple weeks at baseline TRT. All those compounds make it pretty hard to diagnose without labs. Prob shouldn’t worry about it.


First experience with a 19-nors, so I couldn’t tell you.

My first guess is killed prolactin. I take .25 mgs of caber once every 3 weeks to keep prolactin in check and i take 700mgs of tren.
Do bloodwork for prolactin and e2.

Also, would always keep test higher than 19nors. That’s one thing you can also try. Bring test up 100mgs a week or smth.


Yeah something in your labs has changed, most likely. Did you have those run? TT/SHGB/e2/PRL just to be safe. No reason to wonder when you can get the answer quickly

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