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Low Libido on Cycle

I’m currently running
500mg Test E / 500mg Boldenone weekly

I’m 5 weeks in and my libido has almost crashed completely. Struggling to get an erection.
Should I drop the boldenone, or hop off cycle completely.
Any resolutions

That’s not really a side effect of EQ. You 100% you have EQ and not something else?

What dose of AI are you using?

Yes, Bold U 250

Using .5 arimidex EOD but have dropped it

Any solutions? It is decreasing by the day

Hard to say. If it were me I’d get my estrogen checked to see where it’s at. Too high or too low can cause libido issues. EQ shouldn’t cause libido issues, so that pretty much leaves estrogen as the problem.

Sometimes deca is substituted for boldenone, and other steroids. If so that could be your problem.

You could try a steroid test kit to verify what you have, whether it is actually boldenone, or deca.

EQ plus that much AI with only 500mg test? I’d bet you’ve crashed your estrogen.


I second this…

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You answered your own question. EQ smashes e2. Arimidex smashes e2. No e2 = floppy wang syndrome.


Question for @iron_yuppie, @blshaw, @Beyond_Beyond and @mfezdro or others who know.

It seems EQ converts to E1. Does E1 not do much in the male body? The EQ binds to aromatase much more than testosterone is the theory, and then converts to E1, but only a bit of test attaches, and converts to only a small amount of E2. So with EQ, you can crash E2, but have very high E1. Does E1 not have similar effects on us?

I have heard people say they feel good on EQ only cycles. Not sure if they were just lucky?

So estradiol (e2) is far more potent than esterone (e1). Like anywhere from 1.25x to 5x. So a huge increase in e1 with a corresponding decrease in e2 will not yield an equivalent estrogen-mediated effect. Either one can convert to one another, although e2 is something like 4x more prevalent in circulation vs e1. My guess—and this is a genuine ”who the fuck knows?”—is that because e1 comes from the adrenals (via biosynthesis of androstenedione) it would only be spiking in EQ users because some amount of the drug is causing either the adrenals to go into overdrive (could explain the anxiety users get?). OR there’s some DHEA conversion from EQ that then is synthesized into androstenedione which then converts to e1. But the net effect is the same. E2 goes down—still hazy as to why, but I’ve seen some suggestion that it metabolizes into an the AI arimistane—and e1 goes up, but not enough to offset the first order effect.

That’s the best you’re going to get from me. Otherwise I’d be straying too far into total guesswork territory.

So interesting personal note from labs on TRT only. I have had very high E1 in labs (double top range) and never noticed it physiologically. My doc originally tried controlling it but my E2 always crashed while the E1 never really lowered much. We just started ignoring it as I never really felt any different regardless of what E1 was only E2. I tried researching it but came up empty every time. So from personal experience I don’t put much stock in E1.

mben, I never had any low E2 symptoms with EQ. It always felt awesome to me whilst on it.
I had considered an EQ only cycle, but never tried it. It might work for some guys, but I think the very least you want to use is a TRT dose of test base.

When it comes down to any steroid you need to go by how it actually effects you, not what happens to other people as there can be a lot of variability.

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Do you think drop the EQ and continue on with Test?

Give the AI a week to get out of your system, and see if you feel better. You could reduce the amount of EQ, but its going to take 3-4 weeks to get out of your system.

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You ever recover your libido? I’ve been reading a lot on EQ, estrogen, and libido problems concerning it. Hope you’re doing better.