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Low Libido on Cruise Dose

Whatsup guys !

Just got my results in ; prior to this I was on 300mg per week of test E , no Ai and my E2 was at 44 and I had no sex drive !. I Made a post and was told to lower it to 150-200 so I lowered it to 180 & I still don’t really have a sex drive , tried to have sex yesterday and staying hard was a literal mission.

Estradiol sensitive : 13.2 Pg/ml
Testosterone Serum : 427 ng/DL
Free Test : 9.4 pg/DL

Any thoughts on what I could / should do ? ( I am not taking an Ai right now)

It looks to me like you may have a very high SHBG. What is the lab range in that Free T result?

Free test range is 9.3-26.5
Test serum range is 264-916
Estradiol range : 8.0-35.0

How long were you on 300mg per week before you determined no sex drive?

Talk about a hyper metabolizer and or a hyper excreter, you may need more frequent injection as much as EOD which is a good protocol for hyper metabolizers and or hyper exeters. We have a few members here who are hyper metabolizers and or hyper excreters and they do very well on an EOD protocol.

I recommend 35-50mg EOD.

4 weeks + easily , I gave my body plenty of time to adjust to 300 and it was literally a fail I tried having sex and I would just go soft + no real drive so I dropped it to 200 kept it there for a few weeks nothing changed and I lowered it to 180 and I’ve been on 180 for 4-5 weeks now and not much changed tbh

4 weeks is not long enough to stabilize serum levels. If I were you, I would split the difference between your current dose and the 300mg, and run that for 6 weeks minimum and then have levels re tested.

I don’t know if I would go to EOD injections just yet, but splitting that twice weekly would be a good idea. If you split twice weekly, stay at the lower side of the difference.

So something like 200-220mg total per week split into two 100-110mg injections E3D.

Sexual function sometimes takes a while to come back. If you get your Free T to the upper part of the range and keep E2 low enough to not have high symptoms then you’re golden. Ride that out and the rest will work itself out in a few months.

I thought levels were stable enough to test after 3-4 weeks :c thats why I retested after 4+ weeks and my E2 dropped drastically from 44 to 13

Right now I have my injections split into two so I’ll draw the test upto the 3rd line on the syringe since it’s 300mg / cc. And is 200mg of test considered a cruise dose ? Everyone on Reddit basically claims that if it’s over 200 it’s a mini blast and not worth it.

When I was at 600mg of test (300 twice per) I was talking just nolvadex and my sex drive was solid and then it’s been a nightmare since coming down and I’ve basically been battling this for months lol

Also; how tf is my E2 so low without taking any Ai lmao I don’t Have achy joints so I would assume it’s now low for me specifically ?

I’m not sure where you read the 3-4 weeks but that’s a croc of shit.

As far as what is a blast and what is not is also very context sensitive. If you are injecting enough test to get your total and free levels BOTH completely off the chart…you’re probably blasting. In your case I couldn’t say because your bloods are telling you nothing except for the fact that your levels are still fluctuating.

You need to stick to a protocol for at least 6 weeks, and in all reality 8-10 weeks would be more accurate unless you are having OBVIOUS high E2 symptoms, and then see where your levels are at.

I just checked I’ve been at this dose since November 29th , I don’t have any high E2 symptoms no gyno / sensitive nipples . I just have no sex drive and it sucks so I have to keep at this dose for more a few weeks basically… with no sex drive :skull:?

Keep in mind that sex drive can be affected by a lot of other things besides hormones alone. Performance anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, excessive drinking, neurological disorders, and drugs (prescription and illegal) just to name a few can also impact this.

Not to get too personal, but do any of these apply to you?

@NH_Watts (I think it was) posted a chart a while back showing the expected timing of the benefits of TRT. It was pretty eye opening and shed some light on realistic expectations of TRT results. It would be worth checking out.

The only one of these that could possibly pertain to me would be lack of sleep but I make up for it in the day like if I get 5-6 hours of sleep at night the next day I’ll nap for 2-3 , I don’t do any drugs not even smoke lol I rarely drink (haven’t in the last couple of months) diet is being cleaned up but it’s not terrible. I don’t have any stress either, no prescription drugs if any sort… that’s why I’m so sure it’s hormone related I know for sure if I gonup to 600 mg a week and take arimidex I’ll be fine but i want to be at a dose I can cruise a without any Ai plus coming down from 600 will make me get some acne that I def don’t want

Weeeelllll… It’s more of a myth than you would think that napping 2-3 hours will make up for lack of sleep. Sleep times should be measured by uninterrupted sleep.

Do you have a complete set of labs that you could post? Or have you posted them in another thread on here?

You stay at a dose of this level for too long and E2 will be the LEAST of your worries.

Lmfao yeah I didn’t want to be at 600 anyway so that’s not really an option & as far as Labs this is all I have for now since I pay it out of pocket :sweat_smile: my most recent was when I checked my E2 at 300mg per week it came back at 45

I hear you man. This shit gets expensive.

If you have the option (and you don’t already have this going on) then you should look at starting an HSA. This can be used for labs and such if you don’t have insurance or a provider that doesn’t accept it, and it can be withdrawn form your paycheck every week before any taxes so it costs you significantly less in the long run.

You really need to have some full hormone panels run. You should have had them BEFORE you started pinning, but since you already have started, you need to roll with where you’re at. The most important thing is this…stop throwing darts at the side of a barn and start doing TRT correctly and methodically, and the rest of it will work out just fine.

I’ll save up and get some labs , what specifically should I be getting ? And should I just keep this same dose of 180mg of Test E per week until I get full bloods done ? Currently doing Tuesday Saturday injections

This is what I would have run, if you can afford it, minus the LH and TSH. This is on my order because Defy has to “prove” that I’m shut down to verify that I’m telling the truth that I’m already on TRT.

This panel runs at around $540.

Damn that’s a lot of tests lmao alright sounds good :upside_down_face::laughing:

ANY change will require 6-8 weeks to stabilize. That includes keeping the same weekly dose and changing the frequency. Testosterone Enanthate has a half life of 7 days, so if you change the frequency, then your serum levels will take a bit to stabilize.

If you want to get a baseline sooner, stay where you’re at and make sure that you wait at least the 6 week minimum from when you started this dose and frequency. If you want to up it to 200-220 per week, then that’s up to you but you’ll need to hold off on the labs until you stabilize at that dosage.