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Low Libido, on 500 mg/wk of 'Test Prop'



I'm writing this post because i cant sleep. I don't know if it is insomnia or i'm just too worried about what's happening to me right know.

As not many of you remember, i'm an athlete who started a cycle of test propionate in order to perform better so i could keep on studying. Long story short: I did perform good enough to keep studying, also got some recognition which i don't care about... But whatever...

I'm writing this to you with all respect, humbleness and sorrow. So i highly encourage you to read the entire post. Also right now i apologize for my bad english, but i need help. Seriously.

A lot of shit happened when i started the cycle, the guy didn't showed with the adex that i needed, tried to scam me giving me some weird nandrolone (which i didn't accept), so i started the cycle without an AI, had to use Nolva instead for the moment till i got some letro on my hands (So far, the "legit-est" thing i got)

I also had to stop the cycle because i didn't had a decent source by then. Then i found a decent source near where i live, the guy seemed fairly "professional" on the phone. I did got my stuff in time, everything was nice with him.

So i Started to Inject myself again (about 1 week passed without injecting) and started with the letro too. I forgot to mention that my nipples got itchy when i was on the prop alone, that's why i started nolva.

For the record, i don't know if i have pubertal gyno, but the sure thing is that I tend to store more fat in the chest region, also my nips are kinda below my pecs, that's how i've always been. But i felt that when i was on the cycle, this " low nipple" thing got worse. And because of that i started the letro right away.

First i started with a moderate dose of 0.3125mg of letro, ED. But 1 week passed and i still felt the itchy nipple thing. so i bumped the letro to 2.5mg for 1 day, then 0.625 for the next 3 days, then again 0.3mg ED until 2 days ago, which may have been my mistake.
I also got the rest of the prop (from another "brand", a more respectable one), that i needed to end the cycle (8 weeks cycle).

Are you guys following me? I hope so, well, now is when the shit got complicated:

I felt the "kick" in the gear the day BEFORE my first injection of the "newer, more respectable" gear. Then the intensity of the workouts got somehow diminished. I can't measure that, but somewhat i didn't felt as good and powerful as the day before. Maybe it's just a mind thing... Who knows..?

Anyway, now is where the shit happened, and really fucked me up...

My GF was back from a trip, we didn't were able to have sex with each other for 3 weeks. Which normally would make me almost rape her in the very first moment ! (take that with sense of humor)

But i didn't.

I kinda were in other place... Fortunately, before arriving her home, i took a viagra (which i take when i'm going for a long sex session)
Anyway, after about 30 min, i finally got (very) hard and we shared some orgasms... 2 times... (which for me is kinda low, but back then didn't noticed so For the record i keeped taking the letro, by now 0.3mg EOD.

I stayed on her place the day after, she had to do some stuff on the university, so i say goodbye to her and had the apartament for myself. I injected as usual, and took the letro.

She came back, foreplay as usual, got hard, and went for it.

Sad part:

In the middle of the session, my penis turned off, out of nothing. Me? Freaked out (on the inside, but remained cool, didn't panic on the outside).

Can't describe what i felt in that moment. just a pale stabbing feeling deep on my chest, like if my worst fear had awaken. I was afraid, very afraid... Wanted to hide in my bed and never come out, i would never ever ever would want to experience that shit again...

Anyway she said she didn't care, and i asked for a HJ, my little me wasn't wanting to come into play, but i forced it. tried to remain as cool as possible (Because anyway, for a lot of folks that have Erectile Disfunction, is Psicological)

Then my mind started to analize, and now i have this few theories:

1- Too much letro, and because his long half life it kicked in when i didn't know i would. Which means that my E2 levels where very very low by then, which kills the libido, as it has been said here many times.

2- The "Newer" Prop, was very underdosed, or fake. Which would make me feel how my workouts and energy levels suffer from day to day. And also without test on my system, of course low libido would be a side effect of that.

3- The Newer gear and/or the older gear where NOT testosterone propionate, but something else. I thought on this one because my muscles are not looking any smaller, and i'm not feeling weak, or like a twelve year old girl.

I stopped the letro the day after the incident with my GF, have to say that that day was dull for me... Freaked out, but somehow i didn't care too much about my GF, something like i could't interest in her (both sexually and as a person) in normal situations, but if i concentrate enough my feelings would change. I hope someone understand this, it just means that i would interest in her only if i put an effort on that.

I haven't met her until now, and i don't plan to do so until i got this thing fixed. I really love her, and i don't want this shit make me break up with her. Since stopped taking letro, my libido "maybe" is better (hard to judge)

If any of you, the guys of Tmuscle, The vets (BBB, Bonez, Cortes, etc...) read this, i would appreciate a lot a response with an opinion from you. An advice, anything...

It's funny that i took my cautions with AAS, did my research, etc. But i didn't thought on the human variable which in this case, really hurted me more than forced anal.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I'm getting my bloodwork done ASAP, probably within next week.

PS2: i'm not, by any means buying black market stuff ever again. I'll do my best to get a legit prescription of Sust, (the only thing alivable at drugstores in here..., alongside with proviron). Even though is 4x more expensive than black market prop. My safety, no. My Integrity is FAR more imortant than money. So if in the future i do a cycle of 8 weeks which will cost me about USD $500, knowing that you are getting legal, legit stuff, is worth it.


I have a hard time believing this. Rest of the post was hilarious and waaaay unnecessary- thanks for sharing, seriously. Had to have been some of the most awkward shit I've ever read on this forum. Could've simply said, "hey, having ED issues, help", but you went the other route. kudos to you.


I'm sorry to hear you're having such a shit storm.

If you can't trust your gear or AI then you should stop the cycle, and do PCT as best you can with the nolva on hand. You just have to hope that your dodgy gear has nothing long acting in it which would fuck up recovery for a while.

When running a cycle you should have everything you need before you start, and you MUST be able to trust that the gear is legit. I guess you know that now.


Run PCT now.

Taper off the letrozole.

Theres really no way to know what happened. Too many variables


Ok, Update.

I'm able to tell that i'm kinda better now, haven't had any sex other than with my hand. I don't feel 100% by now, but can comfortably say that i'm better than the few days before.

Oh and to be clear, i'm 95%+ sure that the letro is legit, it's the typical, expensive "Femara" box from the Novartis lab. I actually bought it from a dude that had nothing to do with Bodybuilding stuff, the femara he had was for her wife that had infertility and she got pregnant before she needed the femara.

I belive that i'll wait until tomorrow, if i don't feel any progress (in the gym or in the bed) i'll start PCT with nolva at the usual 40/40/20/20


Update 2:
Felt absolutly better today, starting to think that my E2 was indeed too low. im getting my bloodwork done anyway the next week.

My libido is pretty much "normal", i get erections out of nothing (normal for me), good interest in sex too.



Ok i have the bloodwork results:

I had Test Total, Test free and E2 checked, but somehow the Test free is not shown on the exam =(


Test total: 4780ng/dL (normal between 280-800)

Estradiol 25.7 pg/mL (normal between 7.63-42.59)

Looks like my E2 where kinda high. At the time the blood was extracted from me, my libido was "normal" but somewhat in the low range. I definitly don't feel the UBER-libido that some guys report.

So, should i bump the Letro? i'm doing 0.325mg EOD now



any advices on this? By knowing my lab results?


Lower the Letro.


Interesting so you think that an E2 of 25pg/mL is actually loe Estrogen?
Please elaborate. Thank you all for your time, my libido is " better " yet i still don't feel ultra horny nor ultra agressive. Could be something else other than a E2 issue? Like prolactin or some other hormone?

Thanks again.


i'm going on 0.625mg of letro EOD. I'll take another test to see how things are going the next week.


Ok, i got the Free testosterone results:

Free test: 134.00 pg/dL (normal between 15-57)

Could that be a problem?


Just red that Letro can cause SHBG increase. This might be the source of the problem.

Just decided to keep the 0.36mg EOD letro dosage.

And in my next bloodwork i'll check prolactin and SHBG alongside with test total, free and E2


After thinking on this, i believe that i'm getting somewhere.

1-I'm not feeling Ultra horny/agressive, but still feeling good drive for the gym, and better "pumps"

2-Libido is fine, but my erections are not as hard as they should be. (this reminds me of the "Advanced Letrozole" post.

3-The testosterone i was given is obviously legit (Because i have 4780 ng/dL of total test)

4-I'm sure the letro is legit

5-There's something about my free test levels. 134.00 pg/mL is considered more than the high end of a "normal" free testosterone for a normal adult. But in other labs, they consider the 250 pg/mL the high end for normal free testosterone.

And if you do the math: 134 pg/mL =13.4 ng/dL which is 0.28% of my total testosterone. Kinda low isn't it?; normally the free test should be 2% of your total testosterone.

I'm beliving this is a SHBG problem. I'm doing another bloodwork on thursday, for now i'll be using my viagra to get away.

I'm starting to think about what should i do if my thoughts are correct, as far as the SHBG i think some proviron or winny should do the job. But as letro concerned i'm confused...

Could i get away with .25mg E2D or E3D for estrogen control? Since as the lab results show, i don't have low estrogen naturally. And if i go without any estrogen protection i will feel the itchy nipples/soreness again...

Maybe i should figure out how much letro i need to maintain E2 in the low 20s. And use proviron or winny to lower the amount of SHBG that's attaching to the test?

Please tell me what you think.

PS: looks like i have a nice health system in my country. I can get my bloodwork done for about USD $10-15 haha


why buy roids off any dodgy source . why would you inject somting when your not positive wot it is ? why do you take viagra with your girl friend ? dont you fancy her ? why are you so uptight bout sex . im sure the majority is in your head . it happens to the best swordsman from time to time . why such an odd response ?

sounded on par with a bad trip , not a good old jiggy sesh . sex is meant to be fun . also if you think your proine to gyno then why did you start your cycle without the proper bits needed . i think you cut to many corners and fucked up . as for the girl friend thing .....well if you cant get it up for her i suggest you find someone else ............and chill out bout sex first .

news flash , woman are smarter than you think . talk to her . tell her your letro story . how you love her and are hyper critical bout your performance . i will bet that after that if she stays your sex will be x-rated . fuck letro . get p.c.t . fuck viagra . be healthy and happy and stop obsessing bout your libido and how and how many times you " rok da casba " . wots the point of taking letro if you canny get a boner ?


benjani you crack me up hahah


Hey man! Thanks a lot for your response, i thought no one was giving a fuck about my story now.

I told my gf about the letro shit. Also you are correct, a lot of my problems come from my mind, and i'm pretty sure about it.

About the libido thing, it's a lot better. I can easily get it up with no problems. Don't even need viagra.

Ok so i got a 2nd bloodwork done, this was after i stopped with the 0,625mg EOD; about 3-4 days after:

-Test total: 4460ng/dl (500-800)

-Test free: 125 pg/ml (13-57)

-E2 11.5 pg/ml (7-42)

Interesting, the letro actually did affected my E2 levels and very quickly, this shows how easy is to overdose yourself with letro. As you can see my test free levels is way lower than they should. so i'm still suspecting about the SHBG.

The results for SHBG, Thyroid panel, Hemo, Prolactin, DHEA, will come this tuesday.

I dead stopped the letro, i might be feeling some spike in estrogen but can't be sure without another bloodwork.

I'll get winny and proviron on my hands to control the SHBG if that is the thing thats fucking me up (because, it's not just a libido issue now, it's about the cycle itself not being as effective as it should thanks to my comparatively lower free test)

Thanks for reading.


OP ....Dude - seriously with all this shit? YES your Estrogen is High, because your acting (And writing) like a friggin WOMAN....an emotional bitch is more like it.

DO PCT, stop the gear (forever). You sound like a total hypochondriac and the best meds for them is NO MEDS...and COUNSELING.

Dr's are not that in tune with their body like you are - "oh, shit, my sweat patterns are not even, why is more sweat coming out of my left arm vs. right?"

Anyways - next time, use more facts, less adjectives and narratives and you may get some good and very helpful responses. No one cares how many times you cum a night, normally, or otherwise.

Yeah I am ranting - because you sound like a closet homo- come on out, theres a guy somewhere who will love you for YOU. Send your gal our way.

Later Beooottchhh!


Wow. The hand comment got me hooked to read the rest of this thread, hilarious detail.

Out of curiosity how is your "situation" and did you find which variable caused the issue exactly?


Buddy this sounds like a case of hypochondria and having too much free time. I'm sure there probably was some slight temporary health problem, but you have magnified it 1000 times in your head. I keep reading about guys my age who have this and that, half it is phsychological.
Just because you didn't get a raging boner one or two times doesn't mean your hit with ED for life, testosterone fluctuates from time to time.
Sounds like you need to occupy your mind with a shit ton of work/socialising/training.
An idle mind is the devils playground.