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Low Libido on 300mg Test E?

Alright so I’m 24 around 13% body fat 5”9 and 180lbs more or less.

I’m on 300mg of test E per week currently & about a month or so ago I was taking 0.25 mg of arimidex every 3 days !

I would cut my 1mg tabs in 4 and take a piece , this ended up shutting down my E2 and libido was pretty much gone. And before that I was taking even more but I didn’t realize my sex drive was gone I just figured I was so busy working I didn’t really notice and was always fucking tired.

I got off arimidex completely it’s been a whole month without Ai but it seems I still have no sex drive and ED , no signs of gyno whatsoever either… currently in a pickle lol I don’t really want to up to 600mg test E per week. I’ve also got nolva and A-dex on hand and easily accessible. I’m also injecting my test E twice a week so I’m splitting the dosages. Also haven’t been able to go get my E2 checked since work has me doing crazy hours and the places around me don’t open on weekends

same for me on 500mg sustanon

If you don’t have time to get labs I suppose it must not be important to you. Both high and low E2 can cause ED issues. Until you run labs… who freaking knows.

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It is important to me but I work 8-5 every day and I can’t ask for a day off … the lab isn’t open on the weekend so I’m stuck like chuck right now

Getting labs done takes like 30 minutes. Just take a longer lunch one day. Make it a priority

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You could get one of those mail in lab panels. I don’t personally know the names of the companies but I have seen them referenced on this and other like minded forums. They are online, you get the kit I assume, then mail it in and get your results online. I seem to remember they are around 100 bucks. You will want the additional female panel to get estrogen and progesterone levels I think.

Let this be a lesson for you and others. Assuming you are using UGL arimidex then chances are your batch was very concentrated per pill, otherwise I don’t see how you crashed the estrogen at 1/4 a tablet. Perhaps you could try aromasin and another UGL next time. AIs are one thing you definitely do not want to be overdosed.

Low libido on testosterone is almost always e2 related. You need blood work to get an answer because you’ve taken an AI in varying doses and haven’t gotten the right balance yet. Stop the AI and let your body clear it out. Crashed e2 doesn’t immediately bounce back, and if you’re still on arimidex then you could be gradually compounding the problem.


Well I completely stopped taking Ai just about a month or a more ago , so now I feel as if maybe it’s a little higher than normal ? Or maybe I had it crashed for so long that’s its still recovering ? I ended up finding a place that does bloods on Saturday near me so I’m going to get tat done ASAP !

Gotcha. I misunderstood your present dose vs past dose. Blood work will tell the tale (although not fully; listen to your body as well, obviously). Keep us posted when you get your results.

I’ve crashed my e2 so many times now. It sucks.

Each time, the time to recovery has varied. A few times it took only a few days, then it took a few weeks. Now sometimes I don’t feel normal for a month or so of consistency.

Even if your e2 is in the normal range, you might still have some symptoms for a while, while you normalize.

So my results just came back I went and got my estradiol tested , took the sensitive Estradiol test and

It came back at 46 and we flagged for high

Reference was < or = 39pg / ML

Just my 2 cents but at 300 mg of test that’s not to bad for E2. You are symptomatic though so obviously you should take action. Just to be clear… are you cycling or are you cruising at 300mg?

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Yeah I figured it wasn’t like TOO high I don’t have any gyno , just no sex drive and some bloating

And well I did a blast at 600 but his was 6-7 months back and just went down to 300 and planned on cruising at this for 16 weeks then blast again but I said fuck it and just stayed at 300mg per week and I’ve been here for a good minute I havent changed my dose whatsoever

Gotcha. If it were me dealing with these symptoms I would just back off on the test a little and stabilize at a lower e2 level. You dont really need to cruise at 300 mg. Drop it to 200mg per week and look at your e2 after 5 to 6 weeks. I’m willing to bet you will feel much more comfortable there until your next blast. Again that’s just my 2 cents and humble opinion. I hope it all works out for you buddy.

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Hmmm that doesn’t sound like a bad idea , dropping down to 200. But isn’t that already TRT? Will I lose any of the gains I’ve made while on 300?

That’s typically the top end of trt. Based on your current numbers it looks like a good place to be. I doubt you will see much difference in lean mass. You might lean out a little if your currently carrying water weight under the skin. I dont know how you feel about it but if I have to pick between having an extra couple pounds and a dick that works every time… I’ll take a functional pecker any day of the week. Worry about AI and e2 control on your next blast.

Hmmm yeah I feel you on hah lmao not worth having a couple extra lbs , I guess I just wanted the best of both worlds lol wasn’t planning on blasting any time soon … would adding 20 mg of nolva a day make any difference in lowering my E2? Or maybe even splitting the nolva up more and taking 0.125 twice a week instead of 0.25 if not fuck it I’ll just drop down the test

I dont think nolva would give you the effect your looking for. It doesn’t lower e2 levels. It acts as an estrogen itself and attaches to your e2 receptors in target tissues (the nipples). Your natural e2 is still allowed to circulate and do its job otherwise. Maybe @physioLojik can chime in and correct me with this but I think lowering your test dose for the time being is your best option. I know physio runs 300 cruise but his e2 on 600mg is 40. Compete with that.

@alldayeveryday indeed you are right. There are other tissue sites tamox binds to but for this conversation you’re spot on.

Op - stop changing shit. It takes six weeks for the brain to realize changes you introduce. So if you stopped the AI about that long ago and you feel no better and you aren’t using zinc etc dial back the test to 200 as advised. Stay there for six weeks. Don’t change anything else and reassess.