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Low Libido, High SHBG.. Considering an AI

I am a 21 year old active male not on TRT. I have been experiencing the following symptoms for the last 3-4 years…

SYMPTOMS: Very low libido, ED (weak and never spontaneous), mild gynecomastia, low energy (fatigue), low motivation, high irritability…

SHBG: 72 nmol/L (range 10-57)
Testosterone (total): 35.5 nmol/L (range 11.5-32.0)
FT (free testosterone): 501 pmol/L (range 260-740)
Estradiol (E2): 34pg/ml (range 13-54)

My diet is good, I take zinc, vitamin D and fish oil. I exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep. The low libido and ED is depressing, at my age it is extremely unusual (my friends are sexual animals and I’m not even interested anymore).

It seems as though my natural testosterone is good (?), and so I don’t think something like clomid would be that helpful (?) and I am not interested in taking synthetic testosterone and being stuck on TRT unless it was necessary.

So I’m wondering if an using an AI such as Arimidex or Aromasin could be effective in treating my symptoms (by lowering SHBG and estradiol)? And if I do use an AI, I am concerned about an estrogen rebound. How much of a rebound can I expect? Could a rebound cause worse gyno…

Thankyou so much for reading, any help/guidance will be much appreciated!

I am in the same boat. Your estrogen is not really high so AI probably will not help.

This is an old thread. Can you give me an update? Any soultion?


Me too, same boat. High total t and good free t, but with high shbg. Symptoms are ED, low libido, little bit gyno, etc… I’m 28 and have been having the libido issues since age 25. Not sure how to proceed

Create your own thread for your case.

Post labs with ranges.

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