Low Libido for 7 Months

Hey guys,so ive done 3 cycles in the past and after coming off of pct,everything goes back to normal with no problems. But last April,2017 i had done a shot of sus 250 and then 2 weeks after did a shot of prop 250 and got really sick the following day so decided to stop the cycle considering ive heard to get off when ever you get really sick as it can increase it. A friend of mine informed me to just take a good test booster from GNC since it was only 3 weeks of test. After finishing the bottle i felt some to none libido return. I was going through alot of stress and anxiety due to college finals,homework, work and family issues which resulted into depression. Went to the doc and got blood work done and everything came back normal and was just told my libido issues were due to depression and anxiety,went on anti-depression meds for 3 months and was very horny first day after taking meds and tapered off because i didnt like the thought of taking meds and went ahead to get over depression by myself. 3 months later being today,i dont feel as depressed,actually feel just fine and the boys hang low down there just fine and have no man tits either and libido has increased to where alone time with the gf is not a problem but libido is not anywhere near to what is use to be. I dont mean to sound like a sex addict or anything but sex was always on my mind and happening every day atleast 3x a day and but now i never feel like it or think of it until we start being intimate. It just doesnt feel exciting anymore and a friend of mine told me one shot of hcg 2500 would be just fine considering im young and some libido has returned, but that doesnt right to me from reading other forums,what do you all think, could it be poor choice of pct from 3 weeks of test or possibly brain recovering depression and anxiety according to doc? Sorry for all the info guys just wanna make sure you all understand whats going on.
weight: 155

Have you used any clomid or nolvadex for a PCT?

You will probably be okay in the long run, but this is one of the reasons most people don’t recommend getting on the gear at a relatively young age. You are at your absolute prime re sex drive and natural testosterone production . A real shame to potentially fuck up the best time of your life.
I only have anecdotal evidence but I believe long term usage leads to a reduction in your bodies ability to produce hormones. This is the reason why so many guys blast and cruise, or when they stop bodybuilding doses need to go on TRT.

I know i started pretty young and no i didnt think i really needed nolva or clomid considering it was just three weeks but i do have some nolva. Would you suggest i get on some nolvadex? Even though its been 8 months already

Ok, a few things:

1)Did you do any RECENT blood work? It can give you an excellent idea of what’s going on. Especially if you can get full hormone panel. If you can’t then get the basics which are: E2, TEST, FREE TEST, PROLACTINE, THYROID, general hematology. Those can give you a good idea if something might be wrong.Get it done.

2)Antidepressants meds and anxiety/depression by them self can have a HUGE effect on sexual function at all levels(Libido, ED, etc.) what medicine did you take exactly?

3)Try two full bottles of Alphamail- that will help with both Libido and natural test production. If that doesn’t work, do the blood work and come post on my forum here and I will help with what I called “recovery PCT.” HCG in high dosage for a few weeks with Nolvadex and maybe Clomid might help, but I need to see blood first to recommend it. Also if It’s prolactin issue, cabr can fix it fast.

4)For future, When you commit to a cycle do it properly. Have PCT on hand and don’t just stop. Once the first shot is in unless you get injured, or insanely sick stick to the plan and adjust as needed. Cutting out erupthly is probably the worst thing you can do. The human body love balance and gradual changes and even a little fuck up like this can cuse some significant issues to people who don’t have a good natural response to juice.

Alright ill try to get some blood work done and the anti depressants were bupropion but my last pill was in september so it should be out of my system by now. Ill go ahead and purchase two bottle of alpha male and finish that and get back to you after to let you know if it helps any and also once i get blood work done ill go ahead and send you a copy of my lab work. Thanks so much and ya next time i start a cycle ill go ahead and finish it until i break something

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Follow Shadow Pro’s advice. Don’t take Nolva right now as it will throw off lab work results.

Nolva/clomid will definitely help increase natural testosterone production.

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Im going to do the 2 bottles of Alpha Male first and if nothing changes then ill get blood work done. Just need to find out how to get a docs note to get blood work

is it Alpha Male or alphamale XL?

Alpha Male,its by Biotest

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Thanks. Thinking about trying. Am on clomid. Doubled my LH but only got me to 500 T. Not sure if I should just inject or be happy with 500 and use something to keep my erection up (like alpha male or Viagra). Am 40.

Hey Shadow_Pro, just purchased two bottles of alpha male,ill be getting 148 tablets in total,it says to take 1-2 tablets in the morning and 1-2 at night,5 days of the week and 2 days off,my question is how do you recommend i take it? 4 a day right off the bat or should i do like 3 a day for the first week and 4 a day the following week and on? It should last an average of 7-8 weeks

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Try whatever you think might be worthwhile, but keep in mind that sometime usually in your forties your libido is going to lessen. Whilst testosterone, and other things can help, even with these its probably never going to be as good as it used to be.

So after paying close attention ive noticed the boys dont hang as low as they use to and sometimes are up for a good while, im thinking i should hop on nolvadex to help them drop and stay dropped and maybe it would also fix my low libido since i never took it after my last cycle. I also ordered the two bottles of alpha male so i was wondering what do you think about me taking nolvadex for the first four weeks of the 8 weeks of taking the test booster?]

Its really up to you what you want to try, I haven’t used Alpha so I can’t really comment on it. Try the alpha first see if it helps, get more blood tests when you are done and see what the results are. Or you could just go straight to nolva.
If you take nolva it will increase your testosterone, but getting a blood test whilst on it, or just recently off(month) will give you false results if you have really recovered properly. It will probably improve your symptoms though whilst you are on it.

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need a lab test to see what exactly is wrong, you could have anabolic induced hypo or just low levels, we will never know because no bloods… so pointless thread

injecting more test will inhibit your LH and FSH further, if you dont want to be on TRT for life i would suggest to go see an HRT/TRT professional or Endo and stop asking around for help from people that dont know what they are doing in first place.

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Happy you got the Alpha Male. If there is a natural test booster that will work this is the one. I would start with four tabs a day- 2 first thing in the morning and two at night, both on an empty stomach and after four weeks I would increase to 6 a day(3 and 3)I got as high as ten tabs a day, but you won’t need as much.Take it for full eight weeks and please keep me posted on the results!

Alright i will,thanks for the advice! i just took my first 2 this morning when i woke up and ill go ahead and increase to 3 after 4 weeks and keep it to 6 a day till i finish the 8 weeks

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