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Low Libido During Cycle

Hi everyone, im 21 years old.
2 weeks ago i started a Test/Deca cycle, the Deca is ok is original, but the Test is fake, underdosed (Andropen 275 from BD, looks like water)
My problem is that i think im having the deca-dick problem, my libido is very low and i dont know what to do, if stop the cycle or keep going but changing the lab of the test.

Actually i cant afford a hormone test. I always have great libido and great testosterone levels, also i get angry too easy by nature and know i feel like a beta…

Thanks and sorry for my english.

how do you know the test is fake?

Because is from a lab that closed years ago and it comes in a different presentation when you compare it with the original

well I dunno, I guess you could get more test, but really bloodwork is the only way to be sure.

You definitely don’t want to be running a deca-only cycle

No, Deca-only no, im afraid of my libido and i want to know if u have to take something and cut the cycle or keep going with another test. I have proviron and nolvadex

are you not using an AI?

No, im not. I have Proviron and Nolvadex

that was a very silly thing to do

Yes, but the guy who “helped” me told me that. I will cut the cycle and let my body restore alone is that ok?

yeah I think you’re best to cut your losses.

Use your nolva when you come off

Ok. I will wait a few weeks to let my body recover properly and take Nolva ?