Low Libido and Weak Erections

I think my prolactin is causing my libido to suck and my weak erections. My libido was absolutely rock bottom about 2 months ago but its progressively coming back. some days Its kinda there and then others its not there at all. Before I could even get an erection with my girlfriend trying really hard but now I can get them with ease but they are weaker than normal. i can still have sex with it but my its just not as big as normal .

I just want my crazy sex drive back that I used to have. Before I couldnt get aroused at all but now when me and my girlfriend hook up I get horny as hell but the dick just doesnt wanna get as hard as it used to. anyways I’m trying to find the culprit here and Im starting to think its my prolactin. My estrogen was elevated so I started some letro .25 mgs a day for about 5 days and now im on .25 EOD. Im going to do that for another 5 days or so then do .25 mgs E3D. here is my bloodwork.

Total test- 535 ng/dl
free test- 9.9 pg/ml
LH- 5.2 miu/ml
FSH- 3.1 miu/ml
total estrogens-80
prolactin 12.1 ng/ml

I was on tamoxifen 2 months before I had this bloodwork done. I was thinking that the tamoxifen and the higher e2 levels upregulated my progestine and caused prolactin to increase. So I thought by lowering my e2 it would reverse this effect. does that sound right? Should I take some prami as well?

so basically I just want to know If the prolactin is causing my problems. I know its not that high but my nipples are still puffy and still lactate so they have to be higher than normal. Also my nipple is weird looking. the tip of it ( where stuff actually comes out of) isnt just one dot its a bunch of little dots. they almost look like little bubbles.

please help me out

Your prolactin levels are normal

wait, your nipples are LACTATING???

Fuck, ok, consume cabergoline. You’re obviously sensitive to prolactin. Yikes!!

yes, I know apparently I am very sensitive to prolactin. so this could be causing my libido and weak erection issues right?

Very much so yes.

what about prami? could I use this instead of caber?

yes, but personally i find it has worse side effects and is a lot weaker. Needs to be dosed more constanly (at least twice a day) and it is harder to find the “sweet spot”.

For me, personally, cabergoline every 2-3 days, 0.5mg libido is THROUGH THE ROOF. Also suffer less nausea and it doesn’t fucck with my sleep like prami.

ok well i dont have a legit source of caber. would you mind pming me a source for caber?

Are you on any anabolics? If not, you should probably have posted this in the T Replacement subforum. Though I think most of the guys over there also browse this forum as well.

I was. well kind of. I wasnt on AAS but I took prohormones. I thought the AAS guys would know this situation better