Low Libido and Limp D*ck for Over 12 Months, Help

Heys guys

Here’s my current bloodwork:
Test : 537.8 (standard range 249.0 - 836.0)
LH: 4.1
FSH: 1.4
TSH: 2.04

My last cycle was Test E 500mg for 12 weeks and it ended late 2015/early 2016.

I’m pretty sure I recovered fine, I can’t fully remember to be honest but I do know I hoped on a sarm cycle of Liquid ostarine for 6 weeks because I didn’t want to do anabolics again.

My libido died on osta and I tried clomid and Nolva pct.

I felt great the first 2 weeks but it turned sour after that and I haven’t felt right even after running each compound for up to 6 weeks.

I decided to stop worrying and see if my body would correct itself but it never really did.

I’ve dealt with anxiety, fatigue and some depression and my penis is smaller in its flaccid state than it should be.

I also require manual stimulation in order to get erect. Sometimes I’ll see a woman I’m interested in and I’ll feel a tingling down there but it doesn’t get fully erect.

When I got my first round of bloods done I expected to have low test but it’s within normal range.

I’m going to see my urologist soon and I suspect my symptoms are of high E2.

I have some torem and adex on hand so I started taking it as a second pct, I felt really good the first 3 days but I’ve been alright since.

Is what I’m experiencing a mere hormone imbalance and is it going to be easy to correct after seeing a specialist?

Any and all advice is appreciated, thanks.