Low Libido and Hard to Get Erection

1 week ago i started a new cycle after i been off for 5 month

I have never tried Deca before and dont know if deca is the problem or if its something mental?

Test E 750 mg/week
Deca 300mg/week
Dianabol 40mg ED
Anazole 0.5 EOD

Im spliting test and deca up in 2 so shooting every monday and thursday

After day 3 i woke up with morning wood but this went off after day 5 again

I have caber yes but will safe if needed and i doubt i will be progestene so early?
I have been running NPP early for 6 weeks no complication with
Prolactin also been running a cycle of tren E 10 week and tren a 8 week and never had prolactin problems but always had caber on hand.

Anyone know what it could be?
Should i give it a week?
Maybe lower deca to 200?

I can get a hard on yes but it get down sometimes and its anoying for wife that she have to fight for it to work

In my opinion, this is your problem. Deca can definitely affect erection quality in a lot of guys and Dbol is known for aromatizing into E2. Probably not a a good combo.

I might cut i out deca and just go for dbol and test
Dont wanna risk anything with the deca since i never have had this problem before

If you can, I’d find some masteron and add it to your cycle. The DHT will help with libido and erection quality. Maybe 200 mg/week or more.


These dosages are really high. My libido and sex drive were great at just 250 test a week and NOTHING else.
Dbol and Deca always got me into trouble. Not that I did massive amounts of cycles or dosages but my 0,2 cents.

I find it odd that you are having issues after only one week. Am I reading that correctly because you mention NPP for 6 weeks. Normally you don’t get a physiological response that quickly so I chalk it up to placebo. However, @studhammer nailed it. I would never run deca or npp again without mast along with it. You need DHT to combat the DHN.

Okey i might cut out deca just and save it when i have hands on mast.
Hope the problem will clear out in a week or so!

But thanks for fast response!
Stopped npp because i got way to high bp at that time. Way higher when i was on tren/test/clen
Planned to use it for 8 weeks but headache was unreal but still managed to get a bit out of it.

Your problem is absolutely not the deca. Not after a week. Your e2 is probably high due to the dbol. Dropping the deca now will tell you nothing for another few weeks. If you want to solve the problem sooner then drop the dbol and see if you get better over the next week or so. You could even take a small dose of an AI to speed that along.

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He’s taking 1.75mg of anastrozole a week already if I read his initial post correctly.

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I missed that. Damn. Maybe that’s his problem??

My first cycle ever if i remember correct was test and dbol at 40 mg ed with 0.5mg anazole eod at that time i had no issue at alle also started the anazole from day one.

I just think i will cut out deca for now and see whats happening

Did you taper up the Dbol to 40mg? If not it could be high blood pressure causing your ED.


I didnt taper dbol no :frowning:
Never done that only tapered with clen
But im splitting dosage at 4 ed