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Low Libido After TRT

Hi guys,

8 weeks ago I came off (self administered) TRT after being on it for 8 months. I decided to do TRT because I am an athlete and I had a severe injury which I was trying to fix.

I have a fairly long history of steroid use (although I swore I would never use again, but the injury I have persuaded me to give it a shot). The reason I did TRT instead of just a small cycle was because my libido has been terrible for years. However when on TRT I found it actually made my libido worse and it did not heal my injury either. So yes I feel foolish.

I ran HCG throughout TRT, and then when I came off I did 5 weeks of clomid and nolva. I dropped the clomid to very low levels because it made me very depressed. Anyway, I finished PCT about 3 weeks ago and I just got some blood work done:

FSH 4.0 (1.5-12.4mIU/mL)
Estradiol(e2) 19.5 (25.8-60.7 pg/mL)
Progesterone 0.61 (0.2-1.4 ng/mL)
Testosterone 6.28 (2.80-8.00 ng/mL)

Needless to say, I was pleasantly suprised to see my test level. But also confused as to why I have low libido. Is it because of my e2 level? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

I would just wait it out, but I have been clean from steroids for 2 years before and still had a low libido, so I don’t think time is necessarily going to fix it. When I think about the times I have had high libido, it has usually been on cycle when I start to get itchy nipples - but then I have to take a AI and it crashes again. So to me, it seems like my problem is low estrogen.

I am 28 years old. I know I have made mistakes but I am just trying to fix this. Please help.