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Low Libido After Tren/Mast Blast

Been cruising for about a year on test E 300 mg per week. Recently did only a 6 week blast with tren and mast for a photoshoot but after about I believe now 4 weeks being off the tren and mast my libido is super low.
I used caber on cycle 2 times per week. The tren and mast were both short esters which I had never done before but I assumed by this point a little over 4 weeks post blast I would feel back to normal.
Any ideas what might be the issue? Going to get blood work done this week, but I have been doing research into psychological erectile dysfunction & didn’t know if that would be the case. The first time I ever used tren I didn’t know about prolactin (lol) so I had an issue not getting it up in bed for a few weeks with the long ester going away. So where tren messes with the brain some I didn’t know if that could be the case.
Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. lol

This. 19-Nor compounds are notorious libido killers for an unlucky subset of the population. This includes both Nandrolone and Trenbolone at the popular go tos.

Yeah I found out I’m one of those people that first time I tried tren E which was not good. But just hoping to get back to normal soon. Lol

Last time I had issues with Nandrolone it took about two months to normalize. Best thing to do is to just give it time and definitely do not throw more drugs at it other than something like Cialis / Viagra.

Yeah I keep cialis on hand usually but doesn’t really help when libido is just that low sadly haha thanks man

Do you think that would be about the same even though I used Tren Ace this time? When this happened the first time with Tren Enanthate I was not blasting & cruising yet so I came off cycle with pct and it was about 2 months before I felt normal.
With this time with ace I was hoping it wouldn’t take as long only using it 6 weeks at 300 mg a week

Ace half life is 3 days and Enth is about double that. Clearance is 97% after four half lives. You are looking at two extra weeks to fully eliminate enth so whatever you felt due to tren would resolve in theory two weeks quicker on ace than on enth.

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