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Low Libido after Cabergoline

I’ve been running a cycle of 750 test e 500 deca for the last 3 months. My libido has been exceptional probably better than ever. I have done a few cycles before but I decided to throw in some caber because I was using deca even though I had no side effects from deca. I took one .5 mg caber pill and my sex drive has been almost gone ever since it’s been about a week now. Is it possible I crashed my prolactin and this is why? Anyone have any similar experiences ?

I’m taking 0.25 Caber on Mondays & Thursdays. I find the first 6 hours are feel odd, neck gets tense, left ear cartilage feels like its on fire. It can be a very dangerous medication. Its known to damage human heart valves over time. (Google…" cabergoline and heart failure" I started TRT two months ago. My reasons, dead libido, feeling exhausted, taking naps, huge muscle loss, no desire to work out last 2 years, foggy mind, poor memory on recent stuff. And on and on…

My low T office took all my bloods and my T was 136, Free T was 8. I inject every 4 days 70mg. -T-Cyponate. I went on LabCorp and found one my ordered labs. My Prolactin was noted…High, so was my FSH Serum. I googled the results and it concerned enough me to call my Endo. I showed her my printed tests, She retested me (still high) and she sent me for an MRI of my head. My Pituitary is 7mm, I have 2 tumors 5mm & 6mm (one on front & back crashing all my hormones) so I’m on the Caber to shrink the tumors and stop my tits from burning, when I worked out any sweat on my shirt rubbed my tits and they would start milking. I used band-aids to protect my tits from turning on. Now after two weeks on Caber if I touch my tits they are much less sensitive.

So the Caber is working, however I need it to crush those tumors. Caber has a very good result in doing so. It wouldn’t be long for these tumors to bang into my ocular nerve causing loss of vision. I think Caber will get the job done. I’ll tell you a bit on Caber. T itself is great, erections and all. excellent sensation etc. For myself Caber enhances libido. I’m no kid (62) I feel like I’m 21 again… thinking about sex to often, like I never thought before. Caber will really kick in at the 4 week mark. Sex on Caber has been multiplied my dicks sensation, I can understand why bodybuilders who get their chemistry messed up resort to it. Its can be awesome and It can lead to heart problems, addiction, sex addition.

There is tons of info by just googling. Even youtube has lots of stuff, especially in the comments section by ordinary people. Its all very helpful for anyone to understand the good & bad of Caber. I hope anyone with high prolactin will think about the possibility of a tumor. I hope to be off Caber after a month. It may be two due to having two tumors.

Yes, I have read that low PRL can lower sex drive just like high PRL can. Even tho you’re taking a sizable dose of Nandrolone I wouldn’t go to Caber until bloodwork confirmed PRL is high.

Do you think one .5 mg of caber is enough to crash prolactin levels? Still getting morning wood and stuff but mentally just not the same as before no fun.

Maybe? I took .25mg and started getting panic attacks; it’s pretty strong stuff. I didn’t run any back when I did Nadrolone, but did get some sexual side effects anyway. I was dumb and didn’t do any bloodwork in those days either, so not much info to go off of