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Low Libido After 2 Months Off Test Enanthate

Hey T-Nation Citizen

Im 30 years old - ASian -
so i finished my last TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE ONLY cycle ( 500mg/ week for 10 weeks) on 7th of March
did PCT with 50mg Clomid for 4 Weeks : so finish all cycle + PCT on = 31st of March

my problem is : why does my sex drive is not as high as it used to be (before cycle) , i can get hard, but it takes some struggle . and it has been like almost 2 months

what blood test should i do ? another PCT? or anything i can do to fix my low libido thing?


Get blood work done.

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Welcome to your 30s… :smiley:
No really, age does matter… When i was 27, i had 2 MMA trainings a day + gym + physical work and i still had energy to go on Tinder dates and fck in the night.
Nowdays(im 32) i somedays have only gym and i wouldnt go on a date at night even if that was 10/10 babe and she would pay me :smiley:

Your last shot was on the 7th, and you finished PCT on the 31st. You should have started your PCT at the end of March, not finished it. I’d do another 4 weeks of PCT

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Assuming it’s you in your avatar, do you even lift man?

First do what @iron_yuppie said, but test e2 too only after you post results you can get some help here

And man don’t touch aas wtf…

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Thanks will do !

Hey bro , i do :slight_smile:
Im just genetically small , im only 163cm and 60kg (currently)
Will try to improve

Ive been lifting for 5 years
(Im from southeast asia)
I used to be 45kg ( as i didnt eat alot bcs of financial condition)
:slight_smile: but will try to improve more and more

Thanks !:blush:

Hahaha probably ! But i will try to get my blood test done :slight_smile: since its quite expensive in my country

Looks like food is going to be your best steroid going forward

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