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Low Libido, 26 Yrs Old


Im 26 years old 5 ft 8 weight 12kg. I am currently having the following symptoms:

Low morning wood
Aches and pains in lower back, legs
mood swings
difficulty with memory
poor concentration
pre cum leakage

All these symptoms occur after sexual ejeculating more than twice a week.

Have done the following blood tests here on the NHS since:

Serum Plasma testostrone 17.1 nmol (8.0-30.0) i think this is bioavaliable?
Serum Prolactin 153 miu/L (50.0-300.0)
TSH 1.02 mIU/L (0.2-4.0)
Serum free T4 18.0 pmol/L (9.0-19.0)
Shbg 31 nmol/L (14.0 -71.0)

Saliva Cortisol nmol/L

Sample one post awakening 10.8 (12-22)
Sample 2 (+4-5) 2.6 (5.0-9.0)
Sample 3 (+4-5) 1.3 (3.0-7.0)
Sample 4 (prior to sleep) 0.5 (1.0 - 3.0)

Total Daily Cortisol: 15.2 (21-41) nmol/L

Testostrone Saliva 117.7 (70-250) pg/ml

DHEA levels

sample 1 (am) 1.37
sample 2 (pm) 0.69

DHEA Mean 1.03 nmol/L (0.4-1.47)

DHEA/Cortisol 6.78 nmol (2.0-6.0)

Morning Temp: 36.0 celcuis

Guys any feedback would be helpful.

welcome onboard.

have you read through all of the stickies? if not, start there, then come back here and ask about anything that doesn’t make sense.

body temp looks low, but needs additional readings (check out the blood test sticky last post)

cortisol looks low as well.

I have heard that saliva tests are only reliable for cortisol (by a number of respected doctors who seem to know their stuff). I would back those results up with actual blood tests before doing anything regarding HRT.