Low LH, Normal Testosterone

Symptoms. Fatigue, depression, loss of appetite, no libido.

Lh 2.1 miu/ml 1.7-8.6 normal ranges
Tt 517 ng/dl 249-836 normal ranges
Ft 21.20 pg/ml 4.20-30.40 normal ranges
Prl 2.4 ng/ml 4.0-15.2 normal ranges
Dhea 347 mg/dl 89-427
Shbg 39.3 nmol/l 18.3-54.1

LH is not a good benchmark of anything on its own. Its a snapshot and can change drastically from one lab draw to another. Both your TT/FT are plenty adequate. Would like to have seen your E2 as well. Regardless, your T levels are better than fine.

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Really low. Any idea whey? I have read that low PRL can be an issue

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How old are you? Did you take finasteride or other things?

The Tru-T calculator has your Free T @ 15.55 ng/dL (7.0-36.7).This suggest the Direct assay was used which can overestimate.

The low prolactin can cause problems.

Do you smoke?

My opinion is you don’t need TRT in any way.

Your issues are caused by something else.

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Yes i am a heavy smoker. I have anxiety and depression and take lexapro. I thought that depression and anxiety was linked with low testosterone. Can you have normal or high testosterone and still have anxiety and depression?

I will post later the results of my blood tests one month ago. Tt was even higher but prolactin still low

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Hello sir. Any idea what is causing my low prolactin levels? Did another labtest 1 month ago, my testosterone was a little bit higher but prolactin still extremely low.

I am reading on google that low prolactin causes loss of libido, anxiety etc

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Most of your problems are self inflicted. Smoking over time may lead to anxiety and depression.

38 years old, 183cm, 170 pounds, waist 33. I am in decent shape. Today i took an anti emetic drug that has metoclopramide that has been shown to increase prolactin 6 times. I have always had nausea my whole life but never took anything.

Absolutely, you can have depression and anxiety with optimal hormones. My brother had high testosterone his entire life, had anxiety and a short fuse, because of his rough upbringing.

Anxiety and depression can have many causes.

Now that we confirmed you’re a smoker, it might be worthwhile to check CBC, because smoking can alter these parameters. Usually when I have seen other members labs who smoked and also had low prolactin, I’ve noticed their CBC results were abnormal, ie. leading to deranged morphology of red blood cells, resulting in reduced oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

I did something stupid and need your help. Took 50mg clomid and 25mg proviron for one day and i instantly regretted that and threw them away. Did i mess with my hormones even with one day pills? I have decided to stop smoking sleep and eat better instead of taking serms or steroids. I am especially afraid of proviron

No, you didn’t mess up your hormones.

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Thank you for your answer. Sometimes when we are anxious we do stupid things and want the easy solution

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You nailed it. From those numbers tou dont need TRT. QUIT SMOKING, eat a clean diet, get on a good exercise program, get good rest, drink lots of water and leave booze and all drugs alone. This will get your body in good condition - your mind will follow. Once on a healthy baseline you can determine what you would like to do next

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Yeah i was taking minoxidil, finasteride for hair loss for many years. It really messed me up. Anyway recently i accepted my fate and went bald