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Low LH/FSH Post-TRT and Infertility

-Labs from today-
LH 2.23 (0.57 - 12.07)
FSH 1.09 (0.95 - 11.95)
TT 315 (240 - 870)
E2 22 (11-44)
SHBG 18.4

Other than E2 being in the normal range my other levels are low , as expected after quitting TRT (3,5 months ago). My TT is actually 50 points higher compared to pre TRT which is interesting.


  1. I wasn’t able to test LH and FSH prior to TRT since my endo rushed me into it with Nebido (T. Undecanoate) and without diagnosing me with primary or secondary hypogonadism. Should i assume that i am secondary according to the levels above or 1,5 years of TRT causing them to be low now?

  2. Before TRT we were able to conceive but right now we can’t after trying for 3 months.
    Are my FSH and LH levels insufficient to have a baby or should check for something else?
    Can HCG solve this or do i need FSH injections?

Thank you.

Can’t assume that now. You’ve recently come off test. What did you do to restart your HPTA when you ceased using Test?

HCG could help. I would get a sperm analysis done. Its not expensive. There are several options and if you search the forum this has been discussed.

This is secondary hypogonadism, a pituitary problem.

That’s what i’ve figured but not sure if 3 months is enough to give you an accurate result after TRT.

I didn’t do anything. Just let it restart on it’s own.

How low of both FSH and LH is considered to be too low to conceive? Any ideas?

Hes only 3 months off TRT and did not perform and HPTA restart. Not sure I would jump into the secondary hypo band wagon yet.

There is no absolute. Go to your doc and ask for a sperm analysis. Bonus… have your wife help you ‘supply’ the cup.

I did the same thing 2 years ago, 4.5 weeks was enough time for my HPTA to recover back to pre-TRT numbers.

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