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Low LH (2.2, Range 1 - 10), Average T (590ng/dl): What Does It Mean?

I can’t find this scenario anywhere, I’ve read that low T and high LH means primary and low T and low LH means secondary.

But what the hell do my levels mean? Does it mean everything is working as intended? (good T so no need to produce more LH?)

Some people scared me and told me it might be a tumor but I find conflicting information about this.

My main symptom is really low sex drive and motivation, and some muscle weakness.

Btw, these tests were taken like a year ago, so I don’t know my current levels. I really need to make an appointment.

By themselves, not much. What is FSH, prolactin, free testosterone and estradiol? SHBG?

Maybe. Need the remainder of the blood tests.

FSH: 4.6

E2: 36 pg/ml

SHBG: 29.4 nmol/L

Prolactin wasn’t measured the same day, but 1 month before it was 8.3 ng/ml

Free T same as above, but some months before that it was 97.5 pg/ml


You did not ask, but I think you are at least a candidate for TRT.

I’m almost 29.

Isn’t my T average though? I’ve seen guys with 200-300 but isn’t 600 good enough? It’s like middle of the range.

Especially taking into account that I don’t do ANY kind of excersise. Just recently started with VERY basic stuff.

Your numbers are fine. This is not:

But, I said “candidate”. You should see a doctor.

Yeah, I already got an appointment but it’s like 1 month away. Thanks for your help.

Good, and good luck. No reason to go through your prime years like this. Hell, I wouldn’t settle for it in my 60s.

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