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Low Level Cardio


ive been on leangains for a month now and ive thoguht about adding in low level cardio before workouts lasting 2 hours for maximum fat loss, any advice from fellow leangainers?


2 hours cardio before you hit the weights, which means 3+ hours workout? Did I understand it right?


I think Nik misunderstood, and you meant to say 'some cardio' before 'weights session that lasts 2 hours'? If so, I would not do it.

Right now I would suggest you do some AM cardio (fasted obviously lol) or some after weights. either way these options would allow you to be fresh, and strong, when doing your weights, which is important.


Weight work is much more important to the overall picture in fat loss (muscle retention, faster metabolic rate yadda, yadda, yadda...). Doing any cardio before your weight work will hamper the effectiveness of the training session. If you can't keep cardio session completely separate from the weights (ie. morning or on days off), then do it afterward.



my fast ends aroudn 1 30-2, i do fasted training , so id be going in the gym about 10 am do some brisk walking on the treadmill to get my heart rate around 110-120, stop walking at 12 take bcaa then do my hour wokrout at 12:15.


You sir, have a lot of spare time.



Like all above have said, Move the fasted low level cardio to the morning or after your workout, NOT before.

Here is a good article by Lonnie Lowery that will explain why you want the low intensity cardio in the AM.


Talk about 0 to 60...