Low-ish Test and Symptoms, 1 Year Post-Cycle

I posted another thread a couple of months back but by the time I got comprehensive blood work done it kind of died, so I’m just gonna Cut and Paste my posts in the thread here:

June 2018;
Hi Guys,

I’m writing this post, knowing that I will get roasted for a number of reasons due to my circumstances, but, around this time last year, I ran a 10-week cycle of Test E @ 500mg a week. At the conclusion of the cycle, I ran Nolvadex for 4 weeks at 20/20/10/10. I did thorough research and spoke to multiple people who had experience with steroids before and they suggested this PCT be fine as Test E is one of the less harsh anabolic compounds you can choose.

Let me give you guys a quick outline, stupidly, I started the cycle at 18 - and I’m a Type 1 Diabetic. I thought as though I was making no progress in the gym after what I would’ve called a 1.5-year plateau. Weight wouldn’t budge. Strength wouldn’t budge. Nothing. So, of course, where do you go from there? For me, stupidly enough, I went to Testosterone.

So practically a year since completion, and I can definitely say I pretty much feel the same as I did before except for a few minor things - although in my mind as now an almost 20-year-old, are not minor. My little me downstairs feels like it doesn’t hang properly normally (almost as if its like numb?), and I’ve also lost a lot of spontaneous erections - especially morning wood. I have no problem with erection strength or maintaining an erection with my girlfriend, although it does take me quite long to finish (upwards of 15 minutes, never used to happen before). I also find when I watch porn I don’t get an erection from the visual stimulation, just manual stimulation (don’t watch porn all that often, used to be like a rock just typing ‘p’ into the address bar). It hasn’t fussed me too much obviously, cause it works when it needs to work, but it’s still slightly concerning that a year later my Richard isn’t at his previous peak. Any suggestions as to what to do, or why this is happening?

I got an extremely brief hormone panel done not that long ago, with another form filled out and ready to go, albeit still brief. I may get this test and the results and ask me endocrinologist (seeing her for diabetes, just happened to work well with this), for a more thorough hormone panel, can anyone suggest what I should get included?

Results from memory were:
Testosterone: 9nmol/L (259bg/dl) [Normal Range: 8.3-29nmol/L]
FSH: Mine was 10, but on the form, it said that males under 60 should be <5. ~Makes me concerned I’m trying to make test but I’m not~
Quite literally didn’t get anything tested which is annoying.

I need some guidance and some questions answered, will further update this thread as I get more results - just want my little guy to hang normally again and to be a rock when I’m browsing the good end of the internet. Plus sorry if I’ve posted this in the completely wrong place, a bit of re-direction would be great if that’s the case. Cheers guys

Sep 2018;
Alright, after a lot of fussing around and overall avoiding getting this hormone panel done. I am back with the results, I may add a few updates as well to my situation, my libido is definitely present, much more than it has been since finishing my cycle, but honestly my dick game is still average. Still hardly any spontaneous erections, I feel like its sensitivity is pretty shitty as well (which results in long sex, sometimes good sometimes bad), it still feels like it’s almost numb at the base? Doesn’t hang properly is maybe a better attempt at explaining the feeling? Which went away when I took test boosters about a month after I finished my cycle last year. Basically, still not much morning wood/spontaneous erections, low sensitivity and doesn’t react to mental stimulation (porn, arousing thoughts) only physical stimulation, which never used to happen obviously. Alas here are the results maybe you guys can help me out. (RR will mean Reference Range btw)

FSH (RR: Males <60 years <7) - 12 IU/L
LH (RR: Males <60 years <7) - 5 IU/L
OEST2 (RR: Males <60 years <150) - 126 pmol/L
PROG (RR: Males <60 years 0.9-3.9) - 4 nmol/L
Total PSA (RR: Males <50 <2.5 ug/L) - 0.58 ug/L
Prolaction (RR: 40-450) - 161 mIU/L
Serum CRP (RR: <6.0) - <4.0
Serum 25 (OH) Vitamin D (RR: Sufficiency 51-200 nmol/L) - 97 nmol/L
Vitamin B12 (RR: 301-740pmol/L) - 536 pmol/L
Serum Folate (RR: >9.0nmol/L) - 34.2 nmol/L
Total Testosterone (Centaur) (RR: 8.3-29nmol/L) - 13 nmol/L
SHBG (RR: 11-71nmol/L) - 26 nmol/L

I also got DHT tested, although my doctor forgot to print it out for me - she’s going to call me soon and let me know my levels for that. Iron, lipids etc were all good as well!!

Given my age (20), my steroid cycle history (10 weeks of enanthate at 500mg a week plus 4 weeks of nolvadex at 40/40/20/20), my disease (Type 1 Diabetes) and my symptom (mentioned above) can anyone possibly provide an explanation despite all the normal-ish blood work???

Any opinions, and also not planning on doing so by any means, just out of curiosity, with these symptoms would it be stupid to do another similar cycle and do a thorough PCT (talking clomid, hcg and nolva)? Just wanna know what that would theoretically do to ones body! Cheers again guys

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