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Low(ish) Libido Still 8wks Post PCT (Bloodwork inc)


Hi all,

2 months ago I finished my PCT of clomid and straight after my sex drive went through the roof.

Anyway past month or so its just gone really crap and was wondering what the cause was. My baseline total test levels were around 500 (18 ng) before me epi cycle but I dont know what my other baseline levels were.

I got some bloods done a few days ago and they are:

TESTOSTERONE *31.62 nmol/L (7.600 -31.400)
FREE-TESTOSTERONE(CALCULATED) 0.521 (nmol/L 0.300 -1.000)
SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOB *58.52 (nmol/L 16.000 -55.0001)
7-BETA OESTRADIOL *32.64 (pmol/L 44.000 -156.000)

How do they look to everyone? I am really please with my total test 8 weeks after PCT which shows I’ve recovered well but not too sure about everything else. It looks like my SHBG is a little high maybe?

Any input would be great.



I would chill out on the any kind of hard drugs and let your body do its thing tbh

Libido wise some guys get something out of a tribulous or natural test booster like alpha male

lowering prolactin in men has no negative sides, using OTC drugs like P5P and vitamn E can help with sex drive

maybe relax on the porn and jerking off a little bit if you do those things a lot, theres been a lot of research that excessive porn intake can resulted in lower sexual arousal

a low dose of cialis could help with erections and boost your testosterone slightly, something like 5mg a day

Hope that helped a little bit