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Low Iron Levels on TRT

Hey guys haven’t posted in quite sometime just had a quick question… just came from my new doctor ( alternative medicine doc) he’s suppose to be a great doctor and is very well informed however…

I’ve been struggling with my health leading up to this visit with this new doctor and we’re trying to figure some shit out - my most recent bloods he ordered, Showed a significantly low iron and low ferritin and I’m having symptoms associated with the two.

He suggests massive iron therapy to get this numbers up. Obviously being on trt I’ve always been told to watch my iron intake and I was always a frequent blood donor up until the past year as my hemotocrit has been very stable 48/49 and doesn’t ever go higher like it use too so I don’t bother donating anymore. (My hemo was fine on this test with the low iron )

My concern is obviously taking this iron and having my hemo go to dangerous levels,
Unfortunately I didn’t bring up my concern during the appointment it wasn’t really crossing my mind for whatever reason and I would like to get some input on this decision


Your want hematocrit under 54%, ideally closer to 50%. There are some guys who find the frequency of injections is closely tied to controlling hematocrit, T-cypionate causes testosterone, estrogen and hematocrit to spike, larger infrequent injections can cause a big spike in all three.

You may find one protocol completely different from another, for example 50mg twice weekly sees my hematocrit at 48% Total T at 667, while 20mg EOD sees hematocrit at 50% Total T at 500 and daily injections 45% Total T at 417. You have to find that zone your body favors to get hematocrit lowest.

Yeah I’m not worried about that, my iron levels are horrible and I’m wondering if supplementing with high amounts of iron is dangerous in my situation being on TRT

It’s not dangerous supplementing if iron is low, you need iron. I’m just giving you ideas so you aren’t forced to donate blood do to protocol choices with low iron and low ferritin. You lose ferritin when you donate.

Yeah thank you for your help I appreciate it…my RBCS are very high. Always are - but that’s different then having high hemo correct and wouldn’t warrant a donation ?

From a clotting standpoint there is no concern unless you have a clotting disorder, but you don’t want your blood overly thick like sludge, I don’t want the heart working overtime if it doesn’t have to.

I was under the assumption that hematocrit was what makes it “sludge”

I guess that screws me because I definitely cannot donate right now with these iron/ferritin levels.

A big thing that’s happening is bouts of itchiness I’m hoping un related, but I know is a symptom of polytheciema- but again my hemo isn’t high. I use to get itchy when I would cycle high amount of test. Never on trt dose and now I’m always getting “itch attacks” anytime I try to exercise or do somthing physical.

Allergies can be triggered from exercising, antihistamines can help. I get itchy red burning skin when injecting daily doses of T-cypionate, but not every 2 days injections of T-cypionate.

Just make sure you check your levels in a few weeks until your stable and find the sweet spot in dosing to keep you there. Sounds like your docs intelligent and you need to trust him but keep yourself informed For peace of mind.

Your hematocrit is unique to you. Mine is 43% and was 38/% pre trt. Some guys get high and feel great. Others low… your body has a sweet spot and you need to find it. I’d look for blood tests from earlier years if possible to see where’s you landed.

I was thinking about calling some of the docs and asking for my patient history with bloods to see where I land.