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Low Iron (Ferritin) on Test Cycle

About 8 weeks into my 500 mg test e cycle I donated blood, I got a letter back saying my iron levels were low (19ng/ml) is this normal and should I be concerned?

I was going to reply about my last iron test and the range, but I notice that the scale you are using and the one I am using are not the same, so I will not make a comment.

I have just recently added a low dose iron supplement …

Crashing ferritin or iron is from too many donations. You can die from it. It has nothing to do with your high T level from your blast. I had to stop my last blast do to this. I did my 40 day steady state mini blood test for T cyp and my HCT was too high and my ferritin was to low to donate. The heart attack risk is not worth the gains. I had to stop the blast so my HCT would go no higher and wait for my ferritin to return so I could donate again. It took 6 months and my finger stick was still 19.1 I did not think they were going to let me donate. March 1st I started my Spring blast I’m crossing my fingers I can get thru 12 weeks.

The thing is, this is the first time I’ve ever given blood

Well that is really scary. You must have been on the edge of being anemic. Have you ever done a full male health blood panel? If you enjoy body building you need to know these things an get a blood test at least once a year. Severl mini test should be performed if you are cycling.

It’s not normal for a man to be low in iron. I have the same issue.I’ve had a endoscopy and a colonoscopy looking for any source of blood loss but nothing. When my hemocrit gets high from trt I will get my own CBC to determine where my ferritin level is before donating. If it’s low I reduce my test and retake my labs in about 3 weeks. If my ferritin is ok, I’ll donate. I will also take iron for about a week after I donate. I also limit my donations to twice a year. It takes time to build up ferritin levels.

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What effect does test have on ferritin?

I don’t think TRT has any effect on ferritin. Lose of ferritin is only thru loss of blood. Internal bleeding, ulsers, large cuts, donating.
For some reason new blood the body makes has no ferritin in it.

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