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low iron count

i was diagnosed with low iron count, and i will be on pills for 3 months to bring my iron count back up, will the tablets have any physical affects, will this increase my lifts?

by the physical affects i mean, mass gain etc.

Iron has nothing to do with building muscle. However, you could get some benefit for your cardiovascular endurance. Taking Iron will help you synthesize and deliver hemoglobin (which is what oxygen uses to bind to blood cells to be delivered to your muscle cells). So, by taking Iron…you could see some improvement in cardiovascular capacity.

Tony G hit the nail on the head with cardiovascular fitness improvements being noticeable due to facilitated synthesis of hemoglobin. Although you won’t see any direct “anabolic” effects from increased iron intake, you will likely have better energy for your training sessions. As such, it could indirectly lead to muscle growth by allowing you to train with heavier weights.
On a side note, you’ll like have to deal with constipation:(

Cam, where are you from, Your name sounds familiar to me for some reason.