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LOw intensity and over training

I will ask this as a general question with a specific situation in mind.
Can you overtrain doing high frequency resitance training with low intensity high-ish volume workouts (not to failure or even close)?

I am currnetly easing up on weight training at the mo’ trying to focus on bis and quad (which as you can see from old photos i am lacking in) and improving technical aspect of olympic based lifts and squats.
I am happy with lats and chest hence the idea for this change from the typical 4 sets of 4-6 reps i normally stick to.
I pretty much wont be doing more than 2-3 sets a week on chest or vertical back movts (if any, see how i go). However will be doing multiple supersets of pull ups and press ups (5x10 and 5x20) for five days of the week. Now these are obviously not to failure (only body weight but are performed sun, mon, tues, thur, fri)each week just adding a set keeping rest to about 90 sec. by the 3rd day i am feeling it but after the day off i am fine. not on any supps at all at the mo either.
Any thoughts generally or specifically, or just a shit post? :wink:

Another thing to factor in would be how much (if any) cardio you do. I do a lot of high volume supersets and I noticed that if I add in too many peiods of interval cardio I DROP. Like a very tiny fruit fly with muscles. :slight_smile:
My impression is that you’re basically doing heavy days and light days? Or am I reading the workouts wrong?

I’m not 100% positive, but I think you do risk overtraining (but your really on the lower end of that risk level). Working a muscle group, regardless of recruitment, will damage the muscle to some degree (irrespective of going to failure or not). Without proper intervals the muscle will break down faster than it can repair (Simplistic explanation but I think it works). It’s the same reason why doing cardio everyday may hinder leg development (your damaging your leg muscles in most cardio exercises while burning fat). It may not be intense, but damage is still being done.
May I suggest at most every second day?
Anyone disagree with me?