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Low Intensity 60% Training


I was reading that Sam Byrd sticks w/ roughly 55-60% of his raw max for training doing 5x5… I was thinking of doing something like this for the squat for 6 weeks focusing on acceleration on each lift, then maxing on 7th week…I’m not used to going this low, anyone try it?

Front squat 60%x5x5
Back squat
60% x5x5
Front squat


I haven’t done exactly that but I’ve grown my squat and bench quite well starting with 5s at 60% and then working up to around 85% at a rate of 5% per week. Last set as a plus set helped too. I did do separate speed work for the squat BTW.


Check out an old thread called, “Deloads, Volume, Intensity,” from this section.

Posts 22 and 28 lay it all out.