Low IGF But Everything Else Normal

Me - 38/Male

Blood results:
IGF - 117 (reference range 132-333) LOW
Total Test - 628 (reference 249-836) NORMAL
DHT - 486 (reference 106-719) NORMAL
Pregnenolone - 27 (reference 23-173) NORMAL
LH - 4.9 (reference 1.7-8.6) NORMAL
Estradiol 16.63 (reference 27.1-52.2) LOW BUT MARKED AS NORMAL
DHEA - 156 (reference 88-427) NORMAL
CORTISOL - 9.33 (reference 6.2 to 19.4) NORMAL

What do you think about low IGF while the rest of the labs are pretty normal? I know there’s specialized GH treatment but have also read some interesting things about life span vs. GH supplementation - supposedly having lower IGF levels, though not ideal, are linked to higher immunity to certain conditions and as long as total/free testosterone is normal the negative side effects of IGF levels can be minimized with diet (more calories, protein) vs. drugs.



GH is very expensive if you have to pay for it.
Insurance might cover it.
It would do a lot for you. Takes 6 weeks to really feel the changes that happen.
Dose would probably be 1iu 5 or 7 days per week.
Insurance company would require more specialized lab work.
If you have to pay for it and cannot or will not do that, more labs will not be useful.

Normal lab ranges are simply middle ground that captures around 97% of the population.
Does not mean healthy or optimal.

Your labs to not address thyroid.
fT4 would be good

Thyroid function can be low if you do not have a history of using iodized salt.

You can eval overall thyroid function by checking your oral body temperature:

  • when you first wake up, should be 97.7 - 97.8, higher is OK, 97.3 is a problem
  • also check for 98.6 mid-afternoon
    Is temperatures are good, you can skip the thyroid lab work.

If in USA, get DHEA at drug or vitamin store and take 25mg/ED and test DHEA-S later.

Do not test DHEA, test DHEA-S. DHEA levels are variable and half life of free DHEA is short. DHEA-S has a longer half life and provides a better indicator of DHEA status than DHEA itself.

There are good stickies here, but they do not address your situation.

Your E2 is low for reasons unknown.
Your medical history might shed some light on that.
To see what info we work with, see the advice for new guys sticky.

Your FT was not tested, but with low E2, we can assume that SHBG is lower and FT decent.
DHT is also suggestive of decent FT

More complete labs would be: