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Low/high bar placement for squat

I usually use a high bar placement when I perform back squats, but lately I’ve been wanting to try the low bar placement.

However, I have no idea as to how low to place the bar. Any advice?


If you can, go as low as the rear delts, any lower and you’re in danger of the bar slipping off or your technique will be awful (unable to stand erect).
Old Dax

Low bar placement makes all the difference in adding weight to the bar. There should be a “notch” or “groove” just on top or your rear delts where the bar will sit and not roll. I don’t know anyone who can stand full erect with this bar placement. However it places the bar closer to your center of gravity and allows you to put the weight over your heels and not your toes. The lumbar stress is also greatly reduced.

Thanks Guys,
I tried it today. My mid traps were killing me. This is probably attributed to the extra strength that is required to squeeze your shoulder blades.

I’ll have to do it for a few weeks.