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Low Heat Whey Protein??


Hi everyone. My mom just recently detected a cancerous lump in her breast, but luckily caught it early enough so that it could be removed and nothing had a chance to spread.

She is taking initiative to get in better shape, though, and also to help the healing process along. Her doctor recommended she supplement with "low heat whey." A Google search brings up that there are many whey protein powders that are manufactured in a "low heat" process, but what I'm not sure about is whether or not this is all a gimmick and really means nothing. What is the deal with "low heat whey"? Do I have to buy some specialty stuff for my mom, or is this stuff all a gimmick with no extra benefit?

Thanks for any help.



Well if heated greatly in the process it would denature the protien more. That said now a days with Whey being so wide spread and in demand/competative id say MOST are OK sure some better than other, the various methods used. Iso filtrations, Micro filtration, concentrates, isolates, Hydrolyzed, its endless.

Id say go with a Quality brand, AHH and Id say Look right HERE at Meteabolic Drive. Its a Whey Casien Blend. Check Out the product thread. the Micellar Casien being VERY lightly processed and not damaged. Etc and they stuff is Fan damn tastic for taste.

I will add I began having my Mom use it when she was diagnosed with Cancer. Gave her three months to live. Well shes passed now but not before we had 4 good years. Ill say that a good diet including the Metabolic Drive, as well as regular exercise and Just a Lot of FUN and Love were directly responsible for the length of time we had.

Be proactive for sure in her battle. dont sit aside. I wish you both the best,