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Low Hanging Testicles/Low Libido/ED

Hello Guys,

sorry for the tittle haha

i’ll try to explain my problem as simple as possible, giving that ive seen so many knowledgeable people in this forum and so many experienced people, i found i’d find an answer to what’s happening to me

During my last cycle i experienced weak Erections (ive used Deca and the ratio was 1:1i had no idea that its usualy 2:1 or more and that people would usually stop the deca and continue with test for few more weeks ) and then Eventually ED loss of libido, No appetite, No motivation to get out of bed and severe depression, its has been 3 months Since my last Pin of anything, i didn’t taper off i went cold turkey which i guess was one of the reasons why i’m experiencing everything that’s happening to me,
i’ve done a pct of HCG and Tomixifin But i didnt see any improvment if not it has only gotten worse
what im most concerned about is my ( balls ) as they are either Low hanging saggy feeling like an empty scortum or so up that theyr very difficult to see. .

has anyone been through this phase of low hanging balls? do they eventually get bigger and be somewhat close to normal again? If anyone has been through this, how long did it take you for your balls to go back to full and big again? does Erections eventually get better? i know that the recovery time would be different depending on the person and what they have been using. but i would like to know how’d it go for anyone who has gone through this.
This has affected my life greatly and costed me my job my sleep and even my behaviour and personality in the past few months.

im also experiencing a total lack of emotions which i just find very weird. i simply just cant feel anything and my emotions are just out of the picture.

I read this as “tittie” and laughed to myself lol

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Want to clarify: you mention low hanging, but also say they’re “high up”. Also low hanging doesn’t imply they’re smaller than usual. But you’re experiencing a bit of “shrunken, empty-sack” right?

Your PCT, how did it go? HCG for 2-3 weeks, then Nolva for 4-6 weeks?

Lastly any blood work, before cycle or after? Before or after PCT?

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So most of the time they’re low hanging and feel empty which is unusual as normally when theyr low hanging they still feel full but what i’ve been experiencing for the past few months is emptiness, Now when they tighten they go really up and kind of disappear which is unusual as well. They feel really light and never as tight as they would normally be.

For my pct i’ve done 10000iu For the 1st 3 weeks
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 8 weeks.

Done my Blood Test While on PCT and my Doc said that they are not in bad range which just doesnt add up.

Total TEST 33.8 High ( 8.64-29.0 ) nmol/L
Prolactin 233 ( 86-324 ) uIU/ml
Oestradiol 162 High ( < 159 ) pmol/L
LH 9.6 high. 1.7-8.6 U/L
FSH 6.3. 1.5-12.4 U/L
SHBG 71 high ( 18.3 -54.1 ) nmol/l

Could my ED/ Testacles problem be because of high SHBG?

They’re not, the problem is it’s the Nolva keeping them there. It’s also raising your SHBG. 3-4 weeks after PCT your labs will have come down to their new “natural” level, which may be too low for you now. That’s why post-PCT labwork should be after the drugs are out.

Very possible you’d benefit from replacement now, but would need new labwork to confirm

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Good news: your balls are working.

Bad news: this probably is gonna take a while.

How old are you?

I’d say; wait until the drugs are out of your system and you can get bloods and see if you are at a good amount of Test. But that won’t likely change anything. If you are above a certain level (say 15-20 nmol/L), you will probably improve with time as that’s just the part of recovering after a cycle endocrinologically.

The problem is this:

This could now either be a complication of PCT (SERMS have emotional sides) or it could be because of the Deca.

If it’s the former, then you’ll be better in 8 weeks, if your HPT functions good (labs in 6 weeks!)

If it’s the latter you are looking at a recovery timetable of anywhere from 6 weeks to 1.5 years likely.

That was the second cycle that i do. i obviously very much regret getting into this and even the reason why i started a cycle are now long gone and mean nothing to me anymore. i know that means nothing now but i just wanted to let it out haha.

I’m doing new labs soon.

i dont know much about trt i’m 22 and from the little info that i know is that trt is for life.

if my labs were to confirm that i need replacement in my case would that be permanent or i could be able to go without it after a while?

Yes, that’s why I asked you your age. I don’t think TRT is the way to go now. The people who report about recovery after DecaDisaster normally do so without any drugs and just time.

I’m skeptical about labs shortly after PCT suggesting TRT is the right way. The baseline established after PCT is the baseline from which one recovers not the endpoint of recovery. PCT basically shortens the recovery timetable immensely but not before a few months after that I would take labs to see if TRT is now necessary.

I have seen people going off of TRT and recovering, it is very very difficult though as the longer the shutdown, the worse the recovery chance.

@swoops39 suggestion that TRT might be necessary is one way to go as then TRT would provide you a new homeostatic state in which your CNS and your body can recover, I think at your age the better homeostasis would be no drugs.

That’s Exactly what i’d like to happen IF IM LUCKY.

I’ve been trying my best just to stay positive as i think it’s difficult since I just dont feel like myself and that is making it harder to keep going BUT i will, even if that would take years. Recovery is definitely going to be a long way but i will make it.

I havent seen anyone in this forum having exactly the same issue but some of them are close enough and can actually relate to. They’ve been in this forum for years and some of them Successfully recoved after few years and they were kind enough to log in and update the others and not keep them wondering

I will definitely keep you all updated and post my labs and progress regularly.

The complete lack of emotions definitely happened when i started my PCT specifically 1 week of usuing nolva (tomoxifin) as before that i cant say i was an emotional person but i didn’t lack them. certain things would affect me emotionally either positively or negatively but ever since my i started Nolva Everything became a big ( Meh ) i would literally care less about anything.

Yeah I didn’t know his age, didn’t mean to jump the gun with TRT.

Maybe another PCT or just time and lab work

Usually yes, for as long as you want to feel good.

As Lordgains said, maybe just give it time. How long has it been since the PCT?

Wait until the SERMs are out of your system before you do anything. Your PCT was good, maybe a tad high on HCG, but that doesn’t matter now.

Wait. Before. You. Do. Anything.

I see that often around here that people want other people to have lived through exactly the same thing, so they can relate. It’s not necessary. It’s the same underlying issue if your problem is Deca dick.

If you eat lasagna and there’s a norovirus in it and you shit your brains out and somebody else also ate from it and just puked all night long, are you gonna say “But you haven’t had EXACTLY my issue!”. No, you both are gonna drink up them electrolytes and wait for 24 hours until the virus is out. Then both of you are gonna scream at the cook for 45 minutes because he used bad ingredients and after that you are gonna be happy that it’s over. Don’t get yourself hung up on the minutia.

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Goodbye, i knowididit.

Seriously, dude, you need to get your attention span under control before getting your junk in working order.

Bumping threads from 6+ years ago was bad enough, which you were warned about multiple times. There’s zero excuse for a new account.