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Low Gi Foods


Hello All,

Besides oatmeal and vegetables, what other LOw-GI foods are there out there?


Hey, there, Chivas. There's a wealth of information on the 'Net about GI. I did a search on . . .

glycemic index 100

. . . on Google and got lists with different GIs and additional information ad nauseum. I included the number 100 because that's the number for white bread.

Even though you have oatmeal on the same list as vegetables, I still reserve it for my PWO meals only. You can't go wrong if you stick with green veggies, lentils and beans, except for PWO. That assumes you're cutting, though. If you were bulking, I'd recomend more brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, yams, etc.


I picked up a book on GI ratings a while back. It's got some basics on the system, which I've never read, and a listing of a couple of hundred common foods and their GI ratings. I suggest you pick one up or at least browse through one for ideas. You will be surprised, both positively and negatively, about some of your favorite foods.

That being said, some of my favorite low GI foods are fruits (especially things like cherries, which have a GI rating of like 23) or fat-free, sugar-free yogurt (GI rating of about 30). Compare that to pasta, which is about 35-40 or even oatmeal, which is something like 30-35 and you've got winner that avoids the often bland taste and has a number of good nutrients as well.


What is considered low? Below 60? Below 50?


Check this site out. Some good info here for Low GI Foods!