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Low GH While on HRT


Hi Guys, im a 33 year old male and iv recently started HRT. My Endo put me on Nebido and im currently on my second injection. He did not prescribe any hcg or arimidex and shot me down when I suggested it. I have however acquired some myself and im currently on 250iu's eod. Im very sensitive to arimidex and it seems to strip me of all E2 so I have bloods done every 5 days to see where im at. If im at the high end it takes just a slither of a adex tab to bring me back down again, this up and down is not ideal and im open to suggestions.

Recently I decided to check my Gh just out of interest. The results came back at 0.05 ug/l. This is low and I was wondering if its possible that the nebido has caused it? Unfortunately I did not have my gh checked prior to HRT.

Any feedback will be appreciated.