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Low GH Reading, Should I Be Concerned?

Guys, i’ve struggled with libido for about 20 years, and all through various protocols of TRT.

@studhammer I think you did a sticky on GH. Can you help?

In looking over my bloodwork from years past, i’ve notice that i have a very low GH reading 0.4 ng/mL (0-10), My Igf-1 ws 147 ng/ml (53-331)

My dr. never really addressed the low score with me, but knows i have bad libido issues, so we’ve always focused on TRT, without much luck. I’m actually wondering if GH therapy would’ve been the better choice of therapies over TRT as GH therapy increases LH.

Does anyone have any experience with GH therapy? Is this something i should be looking into? I’m only really interested in getting back my libido and trying to leave no stone unturned. Will GH therapy help in this department ?

You are right, I take GH at a maintenance level of 2 iu. I can’t honestly report if HGH helps my libido as its always been high. To clarify, do you have desire but good erections or both low libido and poor quality erections?

Low arousal response to women. Great morning erections, but when the time comes to getting it on, not much happens.

It was great up until my early 20s and then it was gone. (libido).

Just wondering if GH may help or if i just haven’t found the right TRT protocol yet for libido.

Well it won’t hurt in my opinion. You might try Masteron, it helps a ton of us with libido and erection quality.

I’d love to try it, but i don’t know where i’d get it and i’m sure my dr won’t prescribe that.

Just google it and buy it from the first place that pops up :wink:

Do ppl honestly just buy this stuff online? I’ve bought cialis and viagra before.


But doc might prescribe proviron. It works the same way as masteron for sex drive, if not better. Specifically both work on the brain, so you’ll have more sexual urges and interest. However, if your dick is broken, it might not fix that.


IGF-1 is a more accurate indicator of GH levels and isn’t anywhere close to a deficiency.


What does this mean?

How does one fond proviron online?

So I’ve researched proviron.

I have lowish shbg. Will proviron still help with sex drive?

Most guys say it does. I’m not positive, but I think proviron is a oral version of masteron or very similar


I’ve read that it lowers shbg, resulting in more FT, and that’s why it helps libido.

But already having low shbg, lowering it further may make things worse…

There is a site valkyrie that sells it. Anyone know if legit?

No discussion of sources allowed brother. Gotta do your own research

If I were you I would go onto a forum that allows discussion of sources. Maybe has some sponsors that are selling AAS. Watch out for shills. This is an area where you need to be skeptical. Some of these sites have users that post labmax results or blood work on the products. Any of this can be forged, anyone on these sites could be working for the sponsor. Do lots of research. It is the nature of buying illicit things on the internet.

Thanks. My bigger concern is getting arrested i guess.

Yep, that is part of the game. A good piece of advice is don’t order anything in quantities that could look like you are selling it. Make sure it is obviously in personal use quantities. I am not mentioning any specific sellers, but if it makes you nervous, buy from a company that ships product domestically (you will probably pay more for these vendors). Not going through customs should be a bit safer. Pay in bitcoin as that is not as traceable.

Just things you can do to minimize risk.

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