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Low FSH Level Advice Please

Here are my lab results. Anything or opinions would help. Also I have lost a lot of strength recently in the past 2 months. Idk if that matters.


You’re missing SHBG and FT, SHBG is the foundation of sex hormone testing. FT matters and can be low even if TT is high. TSH, T3 look great, you can have great fT3 and have it ruined if rT3 is high which blocks fT3.

Any other symptoms other than less strength?

Also I’m 24 year old male. With a good diet, works out a lot, and in good shape.

ah okay i will get those tested asap then… also I’m 24 i haven’t used gear ever other then prohormones years ago. but symptoms i guess mostly just loss of strength and tired a lot not as much drive. thats all i notice atleast.

Taking prohormones can cause hair loss, acne, cardiovascular disease, a loss of testosterone, loss of sex drive, mood swings, headaches, dizziness and gynecomastia.

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yeah i know this now. i haven’t taken pro hormones for years. i got a little gyro after but i didn’t think like something could spike up from it years after the fact ?

Sorry I had some personal/family stuff. Here are the results of the two tests.