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Low Frequency/High Volume for Natural Lifters


I need help with this because due to schedule changes i can workout just 3 days a week.I read your article about how natural lifters should train and its says that high frequency/low volume works better for natural lifters because you look for protein synthesis instead protein degradation due to high volume but can it work at a reveser way? high volume and low frequency?? because it works better for me.


No that’s not how it goes. 531 has several 3 day splits in it that are guaranteed to get you big and strong if you do them exactly as written and eat like a horse. If you have twenty bucks(everyone has $20) get the 2nd edition 531 book online. it’s got years worth of programs that work every time


If high volume works for you better as you claim, just keep doing it.

But you can also do high frequency work three days a week doing a full body routine.


I actually missed the last part where you said high volume works better for you. if that’s the case, then go for it. But most people that think they’re better at high volume just never stuck it out with low volume long enough to reap the benefits of it


Thank you very much for the replie and yeah i read a lot of Jim Wendler articles at TNation i will look for that book. Thanks for the replies guys.Lets see what the coach Christian says too


Of course it works. Actually high volume, low frequency works just fine for a lot of people, natty or assisted.


Frequency, Volume, Intensity. Put one variable high, one medium, one low. If you do high volume, low frequency your intensity per workout should be medium. You could rearrange these three variables anyway you like as long as one is high, medium and low. They will all work.


If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. That being said most of my textbooks suggest a volume/rep per week approach to planning your training. The NSCA CSCS book suggests 60-120 reps for major muscle groups and 30-60 for minor muscle groups.

I’ve used that for my programs and it hasn’t failed me. But I’ve also stalled so I’m following CTs Best Damn program to try something different. I’m struggling to get all 6 workouts in with work so I’m considering 3 full body lifts per week.