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Low Free Test

I had a test done recently of my free test. I should have went ahead and got the full spectrum, but I was still learning about this stuff at that point. Anyway, I tested normal, but low… way low. Since I didn’t get other things like LH and Cortisol tested, I’m not sure by what mechanism my production is not optimal. My doctor would not play ball at all, not surprising. I went in with many of the signs of low test, like stubborn fat around the mid section, low sex drive, irritability, etc. But all he heard I’m sure is my mention of not seeing results in the gym even with good nutrition and great workouts. Then he immediately thinks that I just want to get HYYYOOOGE.

The point of this post is to get advice from other that may have been in this situation. Did you just keep trying doctors till you found one that would help? I’m in the DFW area, specifically Fort Worth, so if anyone knows a good doctor there…

I’ve read some good research online suggesting that this a wide spread problem. Many of the symptoms of old age including high blood pressure, heart disease and prostate problems are a result of low T levels. I don’t want to become an old man at 31. I’ve been told to expect some of my best mass gains at this age and I’ve got nothing. I’m not even interested in becoming that big (I’d like to look about like Joe Rogan on Fear Factor), but it’s frustrating to work hard in the gym and the kitchen and not see anything happen.

“Your Doctor, Your Dealer” by Cy Willson should give you some good tips on finding doctors that will “play ball”.

How many grams of fat are you eating daily?
How many workouts do you perform a week?
I experienced something like that in the past, I solved the problem resting more + eating more, paticularly fats (the good ones).

I’m using John Berardi’s cookbook, so I think my nutrition is good. In additon I use ZMA and Flax oil.