Low Free Test - TRT Malaysia

I have been experiencing Low T symptoms, so I asked my doctor for a blood test of my Total Serum Testosterone and Free Testosterone levels. I know that this was the case as I was on TRT in the past in the USA, I was on 150mg of Testosterone per week. I went from feel slow and dumpy to a vibrant optimist after treatment. I would have stayed on the treatment if my job didn’t have me bouncing around from country to country; unfortunately test and pins aren’t really easy things to travel with from country to country.

The blood was drawn about an hour after I got up in the morning per his instructions.

The doctor called me when the test was done and said, “You are ok, you are in the normal range.” He was initially being witholding with the numbers, and after hearing them now I know why.

Here is what the blood test reported along with the ranges next to them. Please keep in mind that the results were given in nmol/l and pmol/l as the test was done in Malaysia, they use a different unit of measure then the USA.

Serum Testosterone: 14.0 nmol/l Range: (6.0-30.0)
Converted: 403 ng/dl Range: (172-864) ng/dl

*This is very different from the range given at Quest & LabCorp 300-1000 ng/dl and 348-1197 ng/dl. Is this due to different testosterone range per country? Is the average Testosterone range of a Chinese person or Malay person different from an Anglo-Saxon? Not to sound clueless or insensitive, but I’m wondering why the average testosterone range is so different from the USA.

Free Testosterone: 31.60 pmol/l Range: (30.9-147.50) Malaysian average range.
Converted: 9.1 pg/ml Range: (8.9-42.5) pg/ml

As you can see my Free test is right on the cusp of the reported average, and definitely in the concern area. Why the doctor did not think this was an issue I have no clue. Maybe he’s not as skilled at reading Endocrine numbers, and skilled at handing out lollipops.

To sum everything up, I’m not really working with skilled doctors here so it’s best for me to bring as much research to the table when I go see any doctor here.

Here are my vital stats:

Age: 32
Height: 6FT

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

Test and needles are very easy things to travel with from country to country if you have a legitimate prescription.

So you were on TRT and now you’re not, and you’re wondering why your test is low? The fact that you are hypogonadal may have something to do with it. What are you expecting us to do?