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Low Free Test, Low LH. Varicocele Surgery?

Hey guys,

will keep it short so its a quick read. Im 21 and slowly losing muscle/power for years(only my strength is maintained/got a little bit better). Its crazy, because I train and eat better than before, learning more and more about my body, but my performance keeps getting worse (already training for almost 10 years) Tried different nutrition strategies, training strategies, even completly deloaded for 2 months but nothing worked.
Paid for a bloodwork test last week and got pretty bad results:
Free testo was at 7,1pg/ml (range from 10-30)
Lh was at 2,1(range from 1,8-8,6)

I read every thread about varicoceles google provided me with over the last days, because I have one since I was 15/16. Sadly nobody described her own experiences with the surgery so I wanted to ask If somebody here took the surgery and compared before and after values of testosterone?

Best Regards

Experiences of those I have seen were not good, but if they were, they would not be showing up in the office looking for TRT. You may find these interesting: