Low Free T, LH , FSH & Fertility Concerns

Hello everyone-

OK, so here we go. I am 41 years old 6’4" and weigh 275. Last year I went to an MDoc to make sure or rule out any major illness such as diabetes or thyroid etc. I had not had labs taken since my ETS physical leaving the military back in 95. I have always been in decent shape weighing between 220-245 from age 25-35.

In the last few years I have been gaining some weight and the last 18 months I have been feeling very sluggish and not the same energy as normal. I have always been highly motivated-high strung-go go go type and things were different. I will say there has been some stress due to inability to conceive and some financial challenges.

So, the doc i went to ruled out diabetes and thyroid etc. My fasting blood glucose levels have been semi-high around 110-120, but an a1c was normal. So he decided to have my Testosterone levels tested. My original labs were done in the fall of 2010, Nov 10 and here were the results: from Labcorps…

14013- Testosterone, free and total

Testosterone serum: 362 ng/dl 280-800
Free testosterone (direct): 8.3 pg/ml 6.8-21.5 This was all he tested apparently!!! No LH or FSH, E2, etc.

He called me and said he had identified the issue—Low T, and explained that he had some options for me to consider. The reason I went to doc in first place was I was concerned about my fluctuating weight gains. He told me Test would help me to gain some lean muscle (inc. my metabolism, and lose some belly fat). This sounded very good to me cause it seemed my metabolism was slowing down.

So I rcvd my 1st shot on Dec. 12th of 200mg Test cyp, and he said to come back at beginning of the year and would go from there. I weighed 275 at beginning of December. By end of Dec. I went back to doc Jan. 8th and was now up to low 280’s, and I did not feel anything from this 1 shot, and had started to research on these forums, and thought I should do weekly. Now keep in mind at this point he never once mentioned TRT HRT, lifetime or explained a plan.

He just mentioned taking 8-10 shots and then retesting., and explained the benefits of gaining some muscle and helping to lose some fat. So he agreed to do weekly injections of 200mg test cyp. So i began weekly injections then --beginning of year. After the 4th shot I started to feel much better (energy, motivation etc.), however, I was now up to 295, and meantime I had joined 3 different sites–Elitefitness, N2bm, and here, and began learning about all of this HRT and AAS, PCT’s etc.

I know my strength was exploding in the gym, but I was really concerned that this might affect my fertility. My wife and I have been trying to conceive for a few years and I have always had very good sperm labs in the 50-80 million range. So after my 7th shot end of February, i went to see doc and had some questions for him–like what was his plans for me when i stop the shots, and how will i recover,

Will this affect my natural production, and do i need some AI’s or some HCG etc. He said no it would help my natural production to increase, and said these doses would not shut me down, maybe slightly suppress me. Also it would help to increase my sperm count, and so it seemed he had no clue.

So I asked to see a specialist (endo). So I went to endo in mid March, and he confirmed that I was starting to shut down. He said stop shots immediately lets wait 4-6 weeks and retest. He didnt even want me to take why protein supps. He did a physical exam and thought my testes were 40-50% smaller than normal, and they had begun to shrink from the shots.

He couldnt believe the doc had scripted me 200m/week, conidering my levels were only normal low–362. Bottom line is I had labs done again at the local VA hospital in April–6 weeks after last shot: rcvd complete blood count, thyroid tested, and testosterone: they use quest.

April 19th 1st VA labresults—
HBa1c 5.5 range 4-6
GLU 108 H 72-99
chol 144 0-200
HDL 39 35-65 little low
LDL(Calc) 87 65-165
TSH 1.819 .47-5
T3 UPTK 29 22-35
T4 6.67 4.5-12
FT4 1.08 .7-1.48
FSH .8L miu/ml 1.6-8.0
LH <0.2 1.5-9.3 almost shut down completely after 8 total shots of 200mg/week of test cyp over a 3mo.

TRIIODO 99ng/Dl 76-181
Estadiol 35pg/ml 13-54
Total Test 400ng/dl 250-1100
FR Test: 41.4L pg/ml 46-224 below normal range
TESTBIO 81.5L ng/dl 110-575 below normal
SHBG: 44nmol/L 9-45 seems high suppose to restest in 60 days, waited 5 months til Sept. 21st- Results: Quest

2nd VA lab by quest: chantilly, Quest diagnostics nichols institute
HBA1c: 5.7 4-6
GLU 104 72-99
TSH 1.81 .47-5 same exact as earlier???
LH 2.6 miu/ml 1.5-9.3 up from before where I was super low
FSH (STL-MA) 4.0 1.6-8.0
Total Test 267ng/dl 241-827
Albumim (pb-sendout) 4.7 g/dl 3.6-5.1
Test FREE (sendout) 50.1pg/ml 46-224 seems low?
TEST BIOAVAILMA-PB-SO) 107.3L ng/dl 110-575 below normal???
SHBG $21.12 39nmol/L 10 -50
Didnt have estradiol tested…

This was my last test, and a VA nurse practitioner says I am healthy, and wouldnt refer me to an VA ENDO. She stated my levels were in the normal range, and I pointed out that my free T was below normal?? Started using the VA since I am covered through them!!!

Oh yeah I had a sperm lab done in July and the labs were 19 mi;lllion 20-100million is the range, so little low!!
I am just wondering what supps I can take to get my Free test up until we can conceive or stop trying. Then at that point I will consider TRT, but til then I am wondering if I should take any HCG or use some AI’sl like aramidex or aromasin??

Any supps I should take like to boost my FREE T & total T?? I feel sluggish, but make it to the gym 3-4 times a week. My sleep patterns arent that good either --FYI, and I am concerned about these levels. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I suppose I should mention my libido is decent, never have had a problem getting it up, although very rare to get morning wood within the last year—accept while taking shots!!

My weight has been between 265-275 the lasst few months. I know losing 25-35 pounds would be helpful, but just been tough to have enough energy to do the cardio long enough. I have always loved going to the gym and working out, my isssue is my diet and eating late at night.

This is everything hopew this helps and Im hoping Matrix or someone can give me their thoughts about what they would do!!! Sorry so long, just wanted all the info. for accurate feedback! Thanks again, Charlie

charlie, I am a vet too. I am not pretending to be a doctor, but I have had low test. and been taking Androgel but just to be in the normal range. I think your idea of losing some weight is solid. You could burn a ton of calories by lifting. Here’s how you should lift: try to stay in the 80% of one rep max range. Rest 2 minutes between sets… workout for 45 to 60 minutes. you can do this twice a week, plus add 1 workout were you are pushing 90% of 1 rep max on your major lifts. But only do this for one major lift at a time. Do cardio for 2 or 3 days doing intervals or just walking on an incline of 40% where you are challenging your breathing somewhat. Your not looking to annihilate yourself. do this for 3 or 4 weeks then reassess to see if you lost any weight.

Secondly through heavy lifting at 90% of 1 rep max allowing 48 hours of recovery for 3 weeks you may beable to raise your testosterone, you will also need to get sufficient rest.
Try to be happy and stay away from women who cry and bring you down… lol and check out some porn and do what needs to be done < wink wink > lol
anyway good luck keep posting

I’m a vet going to the WONDERFUL VA also. I don’t really have any knowledge for you, just encouragement. Brother, you’re a soldier (airman, sailor, marine, whatever), you can DO this! You’re in a rough spot, but I’ll bet you’ve got the intestinal fortitude to suck up the bad shit and drive right through it! Start using this as a log, tell us about your forays into the gym, you can make it happen, man. I’ll be watching this thread to see you improve, can’t wait to see it!

The T replacement forum may provide you with a wealth of knowledge that may be of use to you.