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Low Forearm Strength While Working Out

I’m 19 years old (weight= 66 kilograms,height=5 feet 7 inches )and I have just started workout but it is not easy to lift weights and My forearms get stiff which leads to loose grip on rods. Please help me !!!

Yup. You just started. Seriously I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Despite what many people believe, nobody is good at anything the first time they do it. Just make sure you’re following a good program and eating well.


You’ll either get used to it, or you’ll quit lifting. Either is an acceptable path in life. I’ve had forearm discomfort every day of my life for probably 7-10 years.

It will never be ‘easy to lift weights’. It can be challenging. It can be fulfilling. It can make you happy. But it won’t be easy. If you’re looking for an easy thing to do, try sleep.

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Exactly. And it shouldn’t be.

Echo what others have said. Also as you’re a beginner there’s a reasonable chance that you’re trying to hammer away at your arms. Which leads me to straight bar curls. They murder my forearms and that’s a common issue. If you’re doing them, use an EZ bar instead.

Otherwise, suck it up, get strong on the big lifts and your forearms and grip will adapt.

Forearm strength is really difficult to build (for me) so I neglect them.

But the distinguishing factor between strongmen and bodyweight enthusiasts is whoever does hanging leg raises AMRAP toes touch bar.



If your grip is weak, or your wrists and forearms hurt, get on the wrist roller.

Grip/wrist/forearm work and rehab at the same time.

Stretch forearms and wrists post workout?

I personally find running hands and wrists under ice cold water great also