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Low-fat Food Tips?


I think my gallbladder has just about gone kaput so I'm looking for ideas as to how to set up a low-fat diet so I can eat without having pain or having to vomit. I don't know if a low-fat diet will work, but I'm desperate and really don't wanna lose anymore weight and have subpar workouts from not eating enough early in the day.

Yes, I'm seeing a doctor and their still working on a diagnoses.

What I've thought of so far:

cooking with less oil
crackers+canned meat
more fruit

Lean ham+hash browns+oj/skim milk+banana; Oatmeal cooked with water+turkey bacon/turkey sausage, applesauce, blueberries+protein powder+turkey sausage

Sandwich/Sub types of meals+fruit+skim milk or leftovers from supper cooking

Spaghetti type meals with low-fat meats and cheese; Lean Steak/chicken+Starch+Veges; chicken/beef fajitas cooked with very little oil and low-fat or no cheese; potroast and stews, fish+rice

crackers+low-fat cheese+fruit, roasted peanuts still in the shell don't seem to bother me, protein shakes mixed with fruit

I'm really not familiar with the whole low-fat diet thing so that's why I'm posting this. I just hate that I have to get rid of my whole milk and eggs and good cheese but it's making me sick. Alright, back to studying.


So you're asking how to lower your fat intake from your current food choices while not losing weight?

Personally, I don't think turkey sausage/bacon is really an ideal choice (It's normally leaner than it's pork counterpart, but not really all that lean).

Also don't cut out all the protein from eggs, throw in egg whites.

If it doesn't worsen your condition throw in some fat free junk food to keep your weight up (fat free ice cream, cookies, waffles, pancakes, chips etc).

Good luck


There are workarounds for this. I believe with a few prescriptions and a carefully measured fat intake, you can still consume pretty large quantities of fat, you'll just have to spread it out more throughout the day and be careful not to go overboard.

I don't know the specifics of this; I've only heard it discussed by a few doctors in my family. You might want to try to find a specialist especially since it's so damn hard to bulk with a low fat diet.


I'm actually am seeing a gastroenteroligist. I've had an ultra-sound done that came up negative. When I get back home for the break in a week, I'm getting a HIDA scan. It's suspected to be gallbladder because of my symptoms and family history. What worries me is that this is getting worse fast and I don't even have a diagnosis. Blood work came out okay as well.